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Hypnotherapy Helps Fight Breast Cancer!

Dr. Steven Roth sees dramatic healing effects of hypnosis treatment in cancer patients.

    MIAMI BEACH, FL, October 20, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There are many studies supporting that a positive mind frame and mental state can have a healing effect on the body. Cancer patients specifically are often encouraged to engage in visualization to maximize healing success and help offset the challenges of Chemotherapy. Hypnosis can offer a wide variety of relief and support.

Medical Hypnotherapist Dr. Steven Roth has observed dramatic changes in white blood cell counts using specific imagery. One of my patients was unable to continue Chemotherapy, due to a drastic drop in white blood cells. With the help of guided imagery we were able to not only boost, but double the count within a week, enabling her to return to treatment.

Dr. Roth, who also lectures at Breast cancer support groups, feels strongly about teaching the patient how to continue this process to further establish a healing strategy. Cancer makes you feel helpless. In addition, many women have to deal with amputation and a sense of loss of their femininity. Showing these women how they can contribute to healing themselves empowers and provides them with a sense of control.

According to findings with his own patients hypnotherapy also helps to maintain function and alleviate side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, bone pain and intense fatigue. The national Institute of health (NIH) published a study in 2008 showing that a brief hypnosis session before surgery reduced the pain, nausea, fatigue, discomfort, emotional upset, and cost of the procedure in breast cancer patients. Another related study showed in increase in white blood cell activity after patients were coached in using self Hypnosis.

There are many who believe that emotional causes including guilt, shame and repressed anger are a contributing factor in breast cancer.

Dr. Roth supports that through regression therapy we can go back to those negative emotions, release them and help keep the cancer in remission.

Our thoughts and emotions have a powerful impact on our bodies. In the battle with cancer it is imperative to let go of any harmful, interfering emotional patterns.

Dr. Roth first became engaged in the science of alternative cancer treatment options through his own fathers battle with cancer. Based on the many studies of the dramatic effects of Hypnosis in breast cancer treatment, he employs various strategies to help his patients.

Western medicine often effectively deals with the symptoms, but doesn't address the root cause or seed of the problem.

I don't want to promote the notion that all illness is our fault. I do however believe that we have much more power in hand to return to health than we are aware of. Hypnotherapy gives us the tools to achieve this access.

Dr. Steven Roth is a medical Hypnotherapist and certified in Hypno-oncology.

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