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Improved Tooth Function: A Positive Effect Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Toronto's Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre dentists help patients improve the appearance and function of their smiles.

Toronto's Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre dentists help patients improve the appearance and function of their smiles.

    TORONTO, ON, May 02, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- While the number one goal for cosmetic dentistry may be an improved smile, the experts at Toronto's Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre say their patients experience unexpected benefits: healthier teeth, gums and bones.

"Our teeth function at their best when they are straight, aligned and well-cared for," says Dr. Andrew Syriopoulous, a dentist at Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre.

"While our dentists can't be there every day to help our patients brush their teeth, we can offer them services to meet their first two needs."

Cosmetic dentistry services, such as those that Danforth Neighbouhood Dental Centre, that boost dental health include dental implants, dental veneers, Invisalign and crowns can make for a healthier smile.

For example, a dental implant involves implanting an artificial titanium tooth root into a patient's jaw. This implant is then used as an anchor to attach a custom crown, eliminating the appearance of a missing tooth. While this is of great cosmetic benefit to a Toronto dentistry patient, dental implants also solve the problem of jawbone loss.

When a person loses a tooth, the jawbone that once supported that tooth root is no longer needed. As a result, the bone starts to recede with time. This is problematic because the loss of jawbone can cause a shift in the remaining healthy teeth. This changes a person's dental alignment as well as the overall appearance of his or her face. Currently, no other tooth replacement method-such as bridges or dentures-can offer this same benefit.

Another beneficial cosmetic dentistry service is Invisalign dental aligners. These clear, plastic aligners are intended for wear most hours of the day and exert directional forces on the teeth that help straighten them or improve jaw alignment.

"Crooked teeth are traditionally significantly harder to keep clean, therefore they are harder to protect against decay," says Dr. Patricia Lam, one of the dentists at Toronto's Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre who is Invisalign-certified. "By taking steps to straighten the teeth, patients may find they can brush and floss what previously were hard-to-reach areas more easily."

Crowns or caps have proven a way for Toronto cosmetic dentistry patients to correct the appearance of a highly decayed, chipped or otherwise damaged tooth. However, they also are a means to protect the tooth from further damage. This is especially true if a tooth requires a root canal to eliminate serious tooth decay.

The dentists at Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre help their patients find out every day how seeing a more beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry can also mean fostering a healthier smile, which is the goal of each dentist at the Toronto dental practice.

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