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Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification to be Broadcast Live Over The Internet - Cycling Fusion Will Offer via the Internet, a Full-day Workshop on Heart Zones for Indoor Cycling Instructors

Cycling Fusion today announced they will broadcast the one-day workshop for instructors who wish to attain the 2nd level instructor certification by completing Heart Zones training for Indoor Cycling instructors.

    PITTSBURGH, PA, September 18, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The first independent (not affiliated with any one bike manufacturer) indoor cycling program to certify instructors online is now adding a live broadcast to their list of firsts. On September 22, 2012, Cycling Fusion will broadcast a certification workshop for indoor cycling instructors. To add to the significance of the occasion, Heart Zones creator and continuing champion Sally Edwards will participate in the historic event. After completing this full-day, cycling-specific course, including two demonstrated practical master classes, instructors have the option of taking an online exam for certification. Even though the workshop will be filmed with a live audience of participants, one-on-one personal analysis is not usually feasible given the number of individuals present as well as the amount of material the master trainer needs to cover. Consequently, students have the option to submit a 20-minute video of their teaching for personal critique and analysis.

Educational workshops that target indoor cycling instructors (or instructors of any other kind of specialty fitness) are typically only held at major conference events, or with a master trainer sent by a company for a dedicated day at a given health club, but only if there is a significant up-front guarantee of paid participants. With the ubiquity of the Internet, health clubs or independent instructors are no longer forced to wait for an annual conference, or travel hundreds of miles to take "next level" courses. Cycling instructors who want to learn how to incorporate heart rate monitors in class, or individuals wanting to learn how to simply use them for their own training, can now gain this invaluable knowledge without the need to travel to a special event.

"When I saw how high-quality their last video production was on their The Essentials Workshop & Certification course, I knew the same could be done to educate both the indoor cycling instructor crowd, as well as any individual who wants to learn how to use Heart Zones in their own training. I talk to personal trainers and indoor cycling instructors every week who are really eager to learn how to incorporate heart monitors and heart rate training into their classes, but their access to this education is just so limited. Now we can teach this in Pittsburgh while people from all over the country join us real-time via the Internet. It's just a fabulous use of technology and may really hold the key to seeing cardiovascular training begin to spread across the country like I've always felt it could. The difference now is that we have a way to make it widespread that doesn't cost us an arm and a leg," said Sally Edwards, Founder & CEO, Heart Zones , USA.

The Educational Bar is Being Raised
The technology advancements in new indoor cycling bikes now bring computer consoles into the group cycling room, making traditional teaching without training tools a bit outdated. Even if a club has not yet upgraded to new bikes, wearing heart monitors can take the entire learning experience to the next level. The Heart Zones Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Workshop for Certification is listed as Level 2 simply because instructors should obtain the basic foundational elements of indoor cycling before they begin teaching. These fundamentals are taught by all manufacturers (such as Mad Dogg Athletics and Stages Indoor Cycling), who, although they do not manufacture bikes, are standardized on a single brand. Cycling Fusion's primary or first level of instruction covers multiple bike brands and offers comparison to the outdoor bike as well. Because many instructors would like a broader foundation, both in-person and online participants in this broadcast event are being offered access to this Essentials Workshop & Certification course at a deep discount in the event they want to obtain these more universal principles of indoor cycling instruction without the single bike focus.

Cycling Fusion has designed these courses so they do not need to be taken in any particular order. The educational content on Heart Zones centers around the science and application of cardiovascular training, and does not necessarily build on specific content from the Level 1 course. Consequently, instructors with other primary certifications will still benefit from both the education and the eight Continuing Education Credits (CECs) that come along with the course.

The Heart Zones Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Workshop for Certification is a comprehensive program containing more than six hours of instruction, including two master classes with USA elite-level cycling coach and founder of Stage5 Cycling, Tom Scotto. Mr. Scotto has a reputation as the standard bearer of master instruction, and teaches and coaches equally well in both the indoor and outdoor cycling communities. He is well known with indoor and outdoor riders alike.

"We spent as much time getting the content right as we did producing a high-quality video. After purchasing Heart Zones Cycling, and my former company Stage5 Cycling, we had three outstanding sets of curriculum to merge into the best insights and methods available for the instructor who wants to 'keep it real.' It just took some time to tease out the right combination of each to create what we feel will be the next big gust of fresh air in our industry," said Tom Scotto, Director of Education & Sportif, Cycling Fusion.

How It Works
After signing up online, students will receive an e-mail to access the live feed from the Cycling Fusion film studio on September 22, 2012. Even if participants cannot stay tuned in for the entire broadcast, they will have six months to complete the online course, and up to a year to take the online exam. All they need is a computer with Internet access. The exam is optional, but may be required if the health club wants to see a hard copy of the certificate. In addition, a video analysis is available for all students who may be concerned that they are not getting the one-on-one attention of a live workshop.

For more information on the Heart Zones Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Workshop for Certification and other resources for indoor cycling instructors, please check the Instructor section of the company website, or contact (Tom Scotto) at (877-312-5533) or (customerservice at cyclingfusion dot com).

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