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Intended Parents Find Surrogacy Solutions in India

Crystal Travis, founder of World of Surrogacy (, acts as a guide through the complicated and sometimes frustrating process of overseas surrogacy.

    WASHINGTON, DC, April 25, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For intended parents that can't conceive children, adoption is a common option. Surrogacy has been seen as more expensive, but with the benefit that the child is biologically related. A third option has emerged with the best of both worlds. Surrogacy in India is a path to parenthood that costs about the same as adoption and still has the benefit of a genetic relationship. What's more, many parents find that they can't adopt abroad because of age restrictions, bias against singles or gay couples, or other rules.

There are no such restrictions governing surrogacy in India. Some clinics choose to work only with couples, or with heterosexual couples, or with parents below a certain age. But where one clinic turns intended parents down for such reasons, another will work with them.

The Indian government does impose two common-sense rules: that babies be citizens of the country to which they are returning, and that they be genetically related to one of the intended parents. They enforce these rules through an exit visa program, which is a rigorous process that requires parents picking up surrogate babies at least ten days to complete.

One couple that has worked their way through this process twice is Crystal Travis and Colin McRae. They began their journey discussing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy options with a clinic near their home in Laurel, MD. The clinic would not consider offering a surrogate mother until IVF options were exhausted, at a cost of about $25000. While this restriction might be due to concern for the risks a surrogate mother takes, it also benefits the clinic's bottom line a great deal.

Taking all of these variables into consideration, as well as researching a large scope of (IVF) clinics, Travis decided to reach out to a specialist she recalled seeing on the Oprah Winfrey show--Dr. Nayna H. Patel, the medical director of the Akanksha clinic in Anand, Gujarat, India.

In 2008, Crystal and Colin brought home their newborn, Mark. It was such a positive experience; she returned to India and brought home twins, Alec and Elle, in 2010. Soon after, hopeful parents began seeking her advice.

"Before my eldest son was even born, people had heard about what I was doing and reached out to me for advice," says Travis. They had many concerns about legal issues, bureaucracy, ethics and the health care of the surrogate. "I started World of Surrogacy to help people work through these issues and find the joy and love that I now have with my family."

Travis opened World of Surrogacy in 2010 ( to act as a guide through the complicated and sometimes frustrating process of overseas surrogacy. She provides consultation in the early stages to find an egg donor and surrogate mother to optimize the chance of a successful pregnancy. She ensures the screening of all surrogates for emotional and physical well-being. She also works to ensure the surrogate receives compensation and does not fall victim to corruption within the system.

World of Surrogacy focuses on three priorities: the health of the surrogates, parents' trust in the clinic and the ability to complete the exit visa. They work with a hospital that meets European standards and Indian Council of Medical Research standards.

The health of the surrogate is a high priority for World of Surrogacy. Travis continues to work with Dr. Patel and the Akanksha clinic, and now also works with Dr. Rita Bakshi. Dr. Bakshi has privileges at a state-of-the-art hospital that meets European standards and Indian Council of Medical Research guidelines. It is the only center in North India that has a modular, high tech, state-of-the-art IVF lab. Dr. Bakshi employs local independent monitors that visit the surrogate mothers to ensure that they are well cared for during their pregnancy. Social workers and coordinators assist in the daily lives of the surrogates. They take care of all of the nutritional needs for the surrogates as well as their families while they are under doctor's care. Travis travels to India several times a year to hold the doctors she works with accountable.

After the pregnancy, World of Surrogacy assists the new parents in taking their child home. This can be the most challenging part of the process. A few corrupt facilities have garnered attention by holding up the process, demanding in order to exploit parents and demand payoffs or bribes. World of Surrogacy has nurtured relationships with reputable officials in order to avoid this possibility. They work to expedite birth certificates and establish citizenship for the child. They guide new parents through the red tape of DNA tests and passports and other documents that may be necessary to leave the country. When needed, they will provide an attorney who is familiar with surrogacy cases or an immigration attorney. Lastly, they will guide parents through the process of procuring an exit visa and the baby's passport.

About World of Surrogacy:
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