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Internet Startup Was Told the Internet is for War Not Opalauctions!

10 Years ago when Opalauctions went online, the response from buyers was so negative from statements that the Internet was designed for war not for selling opals and that people have to hold the opal in hand to buy.

    QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, July 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Opalauctions celebrates 10 Years online after originally being told the Internet is for WAR not for selling Opals! September will mark over 225,00 opals sold around the world.

But the first years were not smooth according to Founder Wayne Sedawie. When we started Opalauctions it was so exciting we booked a stand at the world's largest Gem show in Tucson, Arizona. The very first day at the show a gentleman came up to me and said the Internet was designed by the government for War and not for selling opals! The second day a shop owner told me that no one will buy opals on the Internet, they have to hold it and see it and I was wasting my time! We had $10 coupons so if you bought an opal you would get a $10 discount. Many visitors took the vouchers but no one registered, it was a disaster. The next 4 years we lost money on the site, we had server and security issues and every site upgrade was expensive. Our first video upload program cost $10,000 and today everyone gets this for free.

Since starting as solely Australian opals we now have opal and opal sellers from all over the world. 10 Years ago the Australian Opal Industry would not spend any funds on Marketing or R&D and today the industry still does not have a marketing campaign for this premium product.

Opalauctions is dedicated to Opals and wants to market it to the world. Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to this wonderful Gemstone. Ethiopian opals are now popular as an inexpensive gemstone and now hundreds if not thousands of new shops sell opals and are helping to create buyer interest in this unique product.

One cannot wonder with technology how long before we have 3D images that you can hold a gemstone in your hand and see all the attributes as if you had a powerful microscope. I hope this comes sooner not later and for now readers can enjoy my Opalauctions site at

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