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Interview: Josh Peace, Managing Director of Ventas Central

Ventas Central is a London-based sales and marketing firm that is outsourced by businesses throughout the UK to assist with increasing customer acquisitions rates, improve the awareness of products and extend overall marketing reach.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, January 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Managing director Josh Peace at Ventas Central was interviewed recently and asked a series of questions about his personal development and growth as well as how the direct sales and marketing industry has changed and evolved in recent times.

Part of the interview has been translated into text, read the interview here:

Question: How was it transitioning from life as an employee to building a company? Did your approach to work change along the way? 

Josh Peace: "Yes, it has changed considerably. I have almost the opposite mentality. I hear people on the way to work say 'I hope its quiet today' or I hope it's not 'too busy' which seems crazy to me now. But as an employee that is also how I thought, there was too much time in every day and I wished that time away. Your goal is to get through the day having done the minimal amount of work. That's not to say every employee is like that, but a lot are and I certainly was."

"Now as a business owner or someone building a business, those sorts of statements are harmful to me. No day has enough hours, I always wish I could have done more. The busier the better, the more we do the better, it means business is good. A quiet day means nothing is happening and that would be terrible. The transition from employee to business owner can be tough. You need to change how you think. The biggest change is going from standing on the side-line, to taking responsibility for your actions and grabbing control of everything you can."

About Ventas Central:

Question: What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about direct marketing?

Josh Peace: "Well there is quite a few. Like most people, I knew very little about the direct marketing industry before I immersed myself in it, and I also knew very little about success. I had a lot of inaccurate opinions. In my opinion, a lot of the misconceptions about the industry are just old fashioned views."

"The direct marketing industry as a whole was unregulated through the 80's and 90's and some unethical individuals made some choices that damaged the industries reputation. As the industry has developed, more businesses are aware of the high ROI direct marketing can provide and seek out businesses like Ventas Central."

"Some of the negative reputation remains but I believe with time, the new regulations and as more successful people and brands promote the industry, these misconceptions will fade too."

Question: To what do you attribute your success?

Josh Peace: "Great mentors who support and offer me advice. I made sure I connected with successful entrepreneurs and I asked a lot of questions."

"I quickly learned that success is about committing 100%, and not succumbing to fear of failure. Trusting your ability to learn and improve in any way that is needed to achieve the goal you set. Anytime I did something new it was scary and it was uncomfortable. Going through that over and over built my confidence which has led to success."

Question: What is unique about your business?

Josh Peace: "Very few business scenarios positively impact everyone. What I love about what we do at Ventas Central, is it's a 'win-win' for all involved. That is so rare."

"As a company, we are sought out by businesses all over the UK for the personalised marketing services we provide and the incredible ROI we guarantee. We feel very fortunate that we have developed a reputation for providing great marketing campaign results."

"This reputation enables us to provide a unique opportunity for everyone involved with our business, from contractors to suppliers - Growth!"

"Our clients benefit by us increasing their market reach and improved revenue. We as a company benefit as we increase our income and of course individuals, suppliers and contractors have an incredible opportunity to grow and progress within the industry at rapid pace."

Question: The direct marketing industry is growing despite the hype around Social Media marketing. Why do you think that is?

Josh Peace: "They are so different that they both have a place and they won't intrude on each other. A business should really use both and will get different results off each. Social media as a concept will now be around for the forcible future, thus it will be used for marketing. It is a solid cost effective alternative for brand awareness for any business. Like all other forms of marketing though it fails to give the constant influx of new customers to a company and be as measurable as direct marketing."

Question: What does 2014 hold for your company?

Josh Peace: "When I first came into the industry I would have given a long answer to a question like this but now I am more excited by the fact that we don't know exactly what the next year will hold."

"We forecast growth, we also estimate the new clients or industries we will go into but the reality is, our business tends to moves faster than any of our ambitious predictions."

"I know by the close of 2014 we will have created great stories of success and have a lot to look back and smile about. I know it will be a phenomenal year for Ventas Central and I know that moving into 2015, the only limit is our own ambition."

Ventas Central is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in North London.

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