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J. Martinez Discusses Art and Science of Pairing Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate

The coffee espresso specialists, J. Martinez, offer advice on how to best mix chocolate and coffee. This sweet delicacy complements the flavor and fragrance of gourmet blends perfectly.

    ATLANTA, GA, June 02, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The coffee espresso dealer, J. Martinez, talks about the ideal ways to enjoy coffee an chocolate together. Both of these delicacies are extremely popular and undergo a thorough cultivation process that produces the vast selection of flavors consumers know and love. Like butter cookies and tea, there is no better way to indulge in a chocolaty snack than with a cup of gourmet coffee.

Become a Master of Indulgence
There are rules to mixing coffee and chocolate, and abiding by them will guarantee a tasty, not bitter, experience. Once you know what characteristics to look for, it will not take long before you are a coffee-chocolate pairing pro.

It is an art much like wine tasting, and it all comes down to chemical interaction at the taste bud level. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to identify a cup of coffee not by its taste, but by the fragrance it produces? The senses of taste and smell are intricately linked, which is why aromas like vanilla are so easy to pick out.

The Blue Mountain coffee experts note the flavors of sour, salt, bitter and sweet exist in all types of foods and drinks, albeit in varying intensities. Though some people have an ability to taste certain flavors over others, anyone can learn to detect each with enough practice. Sweet and sour are the easiest to identify; the latter is present in darker chocolates and is less pronounced in milk chocolate.

Given the significant effects that growing conditions (e.g. climate, soil integrity, etc.) can have on coffee beans, the acidity and boldness characteristics vary greatly between plantations.

According to John Martinez, Owner of J. Martinez & Company, "The best way to pair coffee and chocolate is to savor each individually. Get to know their unique tastes and experience how your mouth interacts with the specific roast or type of chocolate before experimenting with combinations."

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About J. Martinez & Company:

Established in 1988, J. Martinez & Company is an Atlanta-based purveyor of fine coffees and other gourmet items. J. Martinez & Company originated the concept of single estate coffees more than twenty years ago and still carries only the finest premium coffee beans from estates around the world, including Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Kona coffee from Hawaii.

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