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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from J. Martinez is Great for Drinking and Gift Giving

If you are looking to expand your coffee horizons or to find the perfect gift for your favorite coffee fiend, look no further than Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from J. Martinez. This smooth, rich coffee is a coffee lover's dream.

    ATLANTA, GA, April 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most renowned coffees available in the world. Countless coffee lovers across the globe have expressed their preference for the smooth taste of Blue Mountain beans, but many coffee lovers still haven't experienced the amazing flavor profile and pleasant finish of this high-altitude crop.

If you or one of your friends is still waiting to try Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the specialty coffee experts at J. Martinez & Company Coffee Merchants believe there's no time like the present to give yourself the best gift of all: a great cup of truly gourmet coffee from Jamaica.

Why Is It So Good?
Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees are all grown from Arabica trees. Arabica is considered a notably finer coffee than its Robusto cousin to begin with, but when it is planted in the soil of the Blue Mountains, something amazing happens.

The sparse, nutrient-leached soil grows the coffee trees very slowly, and they must struggle to produce coffee cherries. Once cherries appear, they take longer than usual to mature, but when they do, the results are astonishing. According to the estate coffee gurus, these hard-won cherries roast into beans that brew into a very rich, well-balanced, smooth and low-acid cup of coffee.

The difference in flavor when compared to other Arabica beans, even those grown in lower elevations in Jamaica, is quite easy to taste, which is why coffee lovers are willing to pay a premium for this specialty coffee.

Don't Settle for a Blend
To enjoy authentic Blue Mountain coffee, you need to be certain that you are getting an unblended coffee from a legally designated Blue Mountain growing area. Blends add cheaper, lower-quality beans to a small amount of actual Blue Mountain coffee. The quality difference is obvious when you compare the taste of pure versus a blend.

Try Single Estate
If you really want to step up your game and buy the very best Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, seek out single-estate varieties. These coffees are very much like wines from exclusive vineyards--they all share the overall smoothness and balance that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees are known for, but each also has its own distinct flavor profile that makes it unique.

"If this is your first foray into single-estate coffee, you may want to purchase one of our sampler packs, which feature a variety of single-estate coffees, and do a tasting to determine which is your favorite," says John Martinez, Owner of J. Martinez & Company. "These sampler packs also make excellent gifts for the coffee connoisseur in your life."

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Established in 1988, J. Martinez & Company is an Atlanta-based purveyor of fine coffees and other gourmet items. J. Martinez & Company originated the concept of single estate coffees more than twenty years ago and still carries only the finest premium coffee beans from estates around the world, including Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Kona coffee from Hawaii.

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