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Job Search Shaman Randy Ross Can Find Anyone a Job or Promotion Fast - Even Journalists

Current unemployment rate is 8% and the average time to find a job according to the Department of Labor is 40 weeks - longer than pregnancy. Using a set of powerful, unique and magical techniques this 40-week number can be dramatically reduced.

    GRASS VALLEY, CA, January 20, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Randy Ross, author of "Job Search Mojo - Unique and Magical Ways to Get a Job or Promotion Fast" is available for interview.

40 weeks is a long time. With an unemployment rate of 8% and the average time to find a new job 40 weeks, there is intense competition for every job. There are many ways to put you in the winning position using a combination of traditional, unique and magical strategies.

Hiring managers hire people at the top of their game. They also hire people they like. It is imperative that you are able to demonstrate how you will add value to a company, your passion for the position, and that you are the most qualified candidate.

To be powerful in an interview you must call upon the Universe for energy and brilliance. Visualization and hypnosis techniques before the interview will make you radiate with self confidence and emit powerful vibrations that instantly build rapport. Some may call this New Age Woo Woo, but these actions are a thousand times more powerful than tinkering with words in a resume.

You can control every interview by having interesting well-rehearsed stories to show without a doubt how you will add value. Never sit waiting for questions like a deer in the headlights. Take control from the first moment and close at the end of every interview.

The 500-word miracle allows you to create a short essay on best practices in your industry and eliminate the competition. Interviewers will beg you not to leave until they can write our a job offer.

Hiring managers are more scared than the people they are interviewing. Hiring managers are terrified they will choose the wrong candidate. You must proactively answer the unspoken questions such as, "How will you fit into the culture?" and "What is your flexibility to deal with rapidly changing competitive environments?"

LinkedIn is a powerful network and verification tool: As a first step, most recruiters look you up on LinkedIn and other social media sites. It is critical that you have a powerful, consistent message. Build relationships and a collection of recommendations.

A successful job search requires a full-time commitment. The average job seeker in the United States spends 40 minutes a day looking for a job and 2 hours a day watching television. This is a losing formula.

Each morning start your day at 5 AM. Light a green candle for success and wealth. Tap into the universe via prayer, meditation and self-reflection. Visualize your success. Stand up tall. Be proud. Go close your next job or confidently ask for a promotion. Step into your Job Search Mojo and feel the flow of new opportunities coming to you today.

In the high turnover world of media, one only needs to tap into the existing energy sources within and new opportunities beyond imagination will begin to appear. Just ask me to guide your there.

I Can Find Anyone a Job - Even You!

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Randy Ross can be reached at 1.916.218.6542

Randy is an international technology consultant and speaker with an MBA from Duke FUQUA. He brings together the pragmatic job search techniques of the West and the esoteric techniques of the East.

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