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Kenosha Dentist, Patrick Crawford DDS, Leads Innovation in Dental Technology

Dr. Patrick Crawford DDS is a local Kenosha, WI dentist who is famous for applying the latest, most cutting-edge dental technology in his Kenosha Dental Clinic. Learn about some of the technologies that he is applying and how they benefit you.

    TEMPE, AZ, January 31, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Patrick Crawford is a local Kenosha, WI dentist who has been practicing dentistry in Kenosha for over 20 years. Ever since taking over the practice from his father, Robert Crawford, he has been on the forefront of applying the latest, best dental technologies on the market. Just about every patient testimonial is related to Dr. Crawford having the latest dental technology and how that saves them time and money. New technology allows Dr. Pat Crawford to perform many different complex dental procedures in one appointment and in the most efficient manner possible.

Dr. Crawford is famous for using intra-oral cameras in his Kenosha Dental Clinic. Essentially, he puts a little camera in your mouth, and it displays your teeth on his large 50 inch TV screens. The beauty of this is that patients can see certain parts of their mouth in a zoomed picture, and Dr. Crawford can see elements of the teeth that might have otherwise been overlooked. It's not often that you get to see a close-up of your teeth on such large TVs, and patients love it!

Another piece of technology that Dr. Crawford uses is his air abrasion system. Air abrasion is basically sand-blasting away decay in your mouth. The system sprays a mix of air, aluminum oxide, and sand particles at high pressure to remove small amounts of decay. This is perfect for removing moderate cavities, and it's better than using a drill...which is the old, standard way of getting rid of cavities.

When it comes to onlays and crowns, one of Dr. Pat Crawford's specialties is that he doesn't amputate healthy tooth structure when restoring the diseased part of the tooth through an onlay. Many other dentists just cut away the whole tooth and put in a full crown. The problem, however, is that this method often kills the nerves and makes the patient need a root canal underneath the crown in the future. For his onlays and 3/4 crowns, Dr. Crawford applies a method called augmentation. During this procedure, only the diseased part of the tooth is replaced with the restoration. Thus, augmentation has the twofold benefit of saving tooth structure and preserving nerves. Plus, there is a higher chance that you won't need a full crown or root-canal later in life if the tooth happens to need more work. Not only that, but Dr. Pat Crawford has his own Bisco oven that cooks the onlay material, so he can get onlays done in a single appointment. Not bad.

It's funny, though, because Dr. Pat Crawford always says that the best dental technology is your toothbrush and floss. Consistent brushing and flossing and regular 6-month cleanings are the best way to keep a clean mouth and avoid any big dental procedures later in life. To maintain your healthy smile, book an appointment with Patrick Crawford DDS at

About Patrick Crawford DDS

Dr. Pat Crawford is mentioned as one of the best dentists in Kenosha for a reason. At his local Kenosha Dental Clinic, he employs the most advanced dental technologies available on the market. Because of this, the benefits of saving time and money with Dr. Crawford are enormous. Book an appointment with Dr. Crawford by visiting his website at

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