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Kind Attention HH Sheikha Moza Pl. Wake Up: The Fundamental Mess in Education is Not About Regular Education; it is About Emotionally Challenged Brains

We want to wake you up to the fact that the real fundamental factor that needs to be addressed in order to reform and innovate education will remain under the radar screen at your Wise Summit.

The world is reeling from the emotional baggage that our current education system ignores.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, October 10, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The trouble with wisdom research started when the ancient sages of wisdom firmly concluded that the problem of society is the lack of wise people. If only society could be made wise they believed the ills of society would disappear and life would become safe, healthy, wealthy and happy. So they got busy trying to unlock the mystery of wisdom. Once they figured out wisdom they would then develop ways to teach wisdom and make every man, women and child wise. A wise society would be created and the ills of society would disappear.

Ever since then till today no one has questioned the following assumptions about wisdom.

1) That wisdom is a stand alone entity.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and like wealth it does not exist on its own. Wisdom is a compound of its attributes. So when wisdom is put under the microscope we see no wisdom, all we see are its attributes. Just as when wealth is put under the microscope all we see is gold, silver, real estate, bonds etc. Yet when we try to learn the attributes of wisdom we still do not succeed in learning the attributes of wisdom. There are two reasons for not being able to teach/learn the attributes of wisdom.

a) Each and every attribute of wisdom is so well compounded together with all the other attributes of wisdom that they all combine to become wisdom. It is like when sugar, flour, yeast, butter all are baked into becoming a cake. Sugar no longer remains as sugar it becomes the cake. Similarly each attribute of wisdom is wisdom! So when we try to teach the individual attributes it is like trying to create sugar, flour, butter; when what we need is to create the cake. Sugar, flour, butter individually are not the cake. Similarly trying to create wisdom by trying to create its individual attributes is like trying to create butter when what is needed is the creation of the cake.

b) Wisdom is not about learning/teaching. Wisdom is about unlearning. Wisdom is a secondary entity! It is an innate and effortless by product of an emotionally super healthy brain. So wisdom education is about removing the emotional baggage from the brain through brain therapy.

2) That wisdom is the silver bullet that is the solution to all the evil ills of society.

This fundamental belief of the sages is the biggest blunder that our sages made and it is a pity that in this age of emotional intelligence our current wisdom sages have still not figured out that wisdom is not the silver bullet it is firmly believed to be. The ancient sages saw that society was a disaster due to the criminal elements of society and that the wise people were not only not harming society they were big assets to society. So they concluded that the cause for all this evil in society was lack of wisdom. If only all the people were made wise there would be no more crime, hate, greed, corruption etc. This was the biggest blunder that our ancient sages made; they put the cause as lack of wisdom. Lack of wisdom is a secondary cause. The real direct and fundamental cause why there is so much ill in society is because people are evil. Which translated into the latest science means that people have emotionally challenged brains. Thus lack of wisdom is not the cause of the ills of society; indeed wise people are themselves a problem to the extent that they watch and let evil happen.

In science terms evil translates into emotionally challenged behavior and evil people have emotionally challenged brains. So the real problem of society is not that people are normal and they just lack wisdom, it is because people are sub normal resulting in all kinds of harm to society through abnormal behavior. So the silver bullet being wisdom was a gross error on the part of our sages. The real silver bullet is the right upbringing from the womb/birth on-wards and the right emotional intelligence education for all students with special emotional intelligence education for those coming from emotionally challenged home environments. Even those whose brains are set with emotional baggage can be cured.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

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