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'Kramer Invented Twerking' Reveals KramerCare - $5 Monthly Health Care Plan for New Yorkers!

Because "real New Yorkers don't get sick. They suck it up, or they die."

    NEW YORK, NY, January 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Satire website, Kramer Invented Twerking, has revealed the existence of a low-cost monthly health care plan, appropriately named KramerCare, which the company feels will fill the needs of many New Yorkers without required health insurance. Among the highlights of the plan:

- Only $5 per month, and includes a certificate of coverage and a phone number to call for claims (Jerry's home number).
- Zero deductibles.
- A free Quick Pick Lotto ticket after the 6th consecutive month of coverage.

The complete KramerCare blog entry can be found directly via or through Facebook at

The following is an excerpt from the blog's first entry, where Kramer explains how he came up with (invented) the concept of twerking:

"It was a year or so ago, I went to the movies alone to see the Katy Perry movie. What can I say, she's the one that got away. So I snuck in with a cafe latte in my pants, but it was too hot and the lid was loose. As I'm sidling to my seat, the coffee starts spilling and I start waddling and squatting down the row, and all everyone can see is my butt gyrating over the seats! All the kids in the theater start applauding, and doing my steps! One of them filmed it on his iPhone. The next day my friend Bob Sacamano calls me - I'm on You Tube with 12 million views in one day! Some flunkie yelled out on the video 'hey look at the jerk' but he had a speech impediment, you know, so it sounded like he said, 'look at the twerk,' and the name stuck. I'm the twerk-master general!"

Elaine Benes added: "I've twerked. I went out to a club with this guy. I wanted to him to see what he might be getting, so I started twerking. He thinks I'm having a seizure and he calls security..."

Kramer Invented Twerking, formerly known as, has been providing Internet satire since 1999, and has logged as many as 2.5 million page views in a calendar year. Kramer Invented Twerking is sponsored by independent record label Indigo Planet Records.

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