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Lead Poisoning in Pets in Arizona

Symptoms to look out for in case you suspect lead poisoning as a cause of your pet's illness or change in behavior. Where lead poisoning can occur to harm your pet, and who can be deemed responsible for your pet's pain and suffering or even death.

    PHOENIX, AZ, December 01, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Your pets are your companions and you take every measure to make sure that they are well taken care of like a member of your family. The attachment to your pet has no measure, and when something that you could not prepare for injures your pet, the results can be devastating. When your pet suffers from lead poisoning, watching them suffer through the consequences can be devastating and traumatic. Lead poisoning in pets can be the fault of a faulty manufactured pet item, or even ingested lead paint from your home that you were unaware of. The costs of helping your pet recover from lead poisoning can be costly, and if it was the fault of another, you should not be held responsible. An Arizona personal injury lawyer can help you take the right course of action against those responsible so you receive the compensation you and your pet deserve.

There are many symptoms to look out for when your pet has been a victim of lead poisoning. If your dog exhibits some of these symptoms, you should take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The types of symptoms that can occur include:

Symptoms of lead poisoning in pets

• Vomiting
• Lack of appetite
• Abdominal pain
• Chomping of jaws
• Seizures
• Muscle spasms
• Weight loss
• Frothing of the mouth
• Blood in feces
• Diarrhea
• Behavior changes (lethargic, aggression, hiding in dark areas, snapping, hysteria, etc)

Depending on how much your dog has ingested and the length of time he or she has exhibited symptoms of lead poisoning, the recovery time and treatment can vary. There are many diagnostic tests that will need to be run, and these tests can be extremely expensive.

Finding the cause of the lead poisoning can seem daunting, because you may fear that the item can harm you and your family as well. Here are some possible places that the lead poisoning can be found to cause harm to your pet:

Where lead poisoning can occur

• Dog toys
• Collars, leashes
• Paint chips
• Water and food bowls
• Improperly glazed ceramic food
• Food packaging

If a manufacture of a product or a distributer were responsible for distributing the faulty item that caused your pet to be poisoned, you should contact an Arizona personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you house had amounts of lead that you were unaware of, the builder of the home can be liable for the damages.

Contact an Arizona personal Injury Attorney

Your cat or dog should not have to suffer the painful aftermath of lead poisoning. As an owner of a pet that has been diagnosed with lead poisoning, you may feel helpless in knowing how to help them and can be overwhelmed in thinking about the costs of the treatment needed to save your pet. An Arizona personal injury lawyer can help you deal with the issue of pet lead poisoning with knowledge and experience. For more information please contact:

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