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Lead Poisoning in Purses

The dangers of lead poisoning in purses. Possible health consequences and safety precautions for you and your child in order to avoid becoming a victim.

    PHOENIX, AZ, November 25, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In the United States, nearly two out of three women carry a purse or handbag of some sort. They have become an iconic accessory throughout the ages, and come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Yet these everyday accessories can be dangerous. The color or even the metal used to make these desirable fashion statements can contain lead and can be dangerous to you or your loved one's health. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have dismissed how their products can adversely affect someone's health.

According to a news report by, a local woman's one year old daughter from the Phoenix area was recently diagnosed as positive for lead poisoning as a result of her mother's handbag. If you or your children have been recently diagnosed with lead poisoning, contacting an Arizona personal Injury attorney to discuss the details of your case is the best option.

In the Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix area lead poisoning in handbags are a dominant threat due to the lack of regulations placed on businesses. In California, Proposition 65 prohibits businesses from knowingly exposing individuals to harmful chemicals without providing a warning. These standards do not apply in Arizona, leaving many families at risk.

There are many different health defects that can occur if you or your children have been a victim of lead poisoning. Depending on the amount of lead ingested, lead poisoning can have fatal consequences. Some examples include:

Health consequences of lead poisoning

• anemia
• digestive problems
• muscle and joint pain
• nerve disorders
• memory and concentration problem.
• pregnancy complications
• death

Health consequences in children

• learning disabilities
• poor speech and troubles communicating
• behavioral problems
• impaired growth
• hearing loss
• insomnia
• death

Your health should not be at risk due to the lack of precautions from city health officials. The thousands of dollars in medical bills and treatment should not be your responsibility especially if a purse did not have the adequate warning labels. The manufacturer or company who sold the defective handbag can be held responsible for your injuries.

Without warning labels, it is difficult to prevent being a victim of lead poisoning from your handbag since you can not be sure which purse is a risk and which are not. Yet here are some safety precautions that can help reduce the risk of lead poisoning.

Safety Precautions

• Under no circumstance let your child chew on your purse, nor should you put the purse in contact with your own mouth
• Always wash your hands after contact with hazardous handbag
• Keep your purse out of reach of children
• Try to avoid carrying these potentially hazardous handbags when you are pregnant

Contact an Arizona Personal injury lawyer today

Lead poisoning can cause many serious health defects and can sometimes take months to recover from. The health consequence can also require lifelong therapy and medical expenses. These difficult emotional burdens should not be your fault if the purse was inadequately labeled. Your handbag should be a functional, fun fashion piece without being a risk to you and your children. If you suspect your handbag has been the cause of lead poisoning in your family, please contact an Arizona personal injury attorney as soon a possible. For more information:

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