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Let Your Feet Rest With Custom Orthotics From Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland

Olney podiatrists, Drs. Christopher Farnworth, Michael Frank and Marc Goldberg, offer several orthotic options to treat your feet.

Olney podiatrists, Drs. Christopher Farnworth, Michael Frank and Marc Goldberg, offer several orthotic options to treat your feet.

    OLNEY, MD, June 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Whether you consider yourself a runner or you're a regular 9-5er, you use your feet for everything. From running errands to driving your car, your feet are responsible for the majority of what you do. So it comes as no surprise then that if there is pain and discomfort, you'll notice it. Most people have probably dealt with some form of foot pain in their lifetime, and it's more than frustrating. Don't just hobble around or start changing your daily routine because of sore or painful feet - do something about it. If you think you could benefit from custom orthotics in Olney, then turn to your orthotics leader, Dr. Marc Goldberg, DPM.

Orthotics is a shoe insert that is meant to correct abnormal or incorrect walking patterns. Orthotics in Olney offers arch support and the ability to walk or run more comfortably, without worrying about foot discomfort. "You would be surprised how many people could benefit from orthotics. A lot of people don't even realize they need it, but once they notice how much easier and more comfortable it is to walk or even stand, they are incredibly happy that they made the decision," says Dr. Marc Goldberg, who offers custom orthotics in Olney.

Orthotics can serve one of three main purposes: to change foot function, to protect the feet or a combination of function and protection. "We examine your feet, look at your walking pattern and evaluate what type of orthotic is right for you. For some patients, they need a custom orthotic in order to really see the best results," says Dr. Goldberg, podiatrist in Olney.

Custom orthotics can easily be the best option for athletes and avid exercisers. "If you're pounding the pavement a couple times a week, your feet are going to get the brunt of it," says Olney foot doctor, Dr. Goldberg. "We often recommend custom orthotics because they can prevent injuries and help with proper alignment. Plus, because these are made to your exact foot specifications, you know that you are getting the best support for your feet that you possibly can. This is extremely important for many of our patients."

Dr. Goldberg's patients have been pleased with their custom-made orthotics. "We've had a lot of patients let us know that they feel an incredible difference now that they have a customized orthotic. They said they could feel a change almost immediately. For someone who has been dealing with foot pain and strain, these are a lifesaver," says Dr. Goldberg, who offers customized orthotics in Olney.

Of course, for some, just getting regular orthotics from their foot doctor is enough. "Not everyone needs custom orthotics, even though they tout a lot of benefits. Sometimes more minor issues can be corrected just by getting a standard orthotic through us. We can evaluate your condition and figure out whether a rigid or soft orthotic is all you need," says Dr. Goldberg, Olney podiatrist.

If you've been putting up with foot discomfort, you might benefit from getting custom orthotics in Olney.

About Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland: Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland is made up of Olney podiatrists Drs. Christopher Farnworth, Michael Frank and Marc Goldberg. All three podiatrists are active members of the American Podiatric Medical Association and Maryland Podiatric Medical Association. At their four locations, they offer many services related to sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and bunions in Olney, among others.

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