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Limitless Communications Release Salesperson Evolution Facts

Limitless Communications releases an interesting fact sheet, highlighting industry statistics and how the approach to sales has changed drastically over time.

    CORK, IRELAND, August 20, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The changing economy, technology advancements and an increasing population are all factors that have caused the role of the salesperson to evolve, and Marketing has changed drastically in a remarkably short period of time. Marketing is now shifting to inbound marketing; this means that web-based content and recommendations from people via word of mouth marketing are being used to attract sales leads. It is thought that on average, buyers need to consume at least 5 pieces of content before speaking to a sales rep so that they are aware of and interested in the product/service being sold. 70% of the buying process is now completed before the buyer has engaged with a salesperson. Limitless Communications say that this is partly down to the increase in social technology, with 72% of all companies now using social technologies.


Another change is that there are now more people involved in the decision making when it comes to companies buying products. A larger buying team means that a sales rep needs to educate, influence and co-ordinate more people in order to make the sale. This is a task which Limitless Communications trains their sales reps for by providing a high level of education within the company. This ensures that service is delivered to the highest standard which is important because how people sell matters most to a consumer. Price is much less of a differentiator, as to whether a product is bought, than a good sales experience.

A further changing factor in the marketing world is that inside sales teams are growing at 7.5% per year whereas outside sales teams are only growing at 0.5% per year. This can sometimes be down to expense or lack of training. However, Limitless Communications' sales team has grown rapidly over the past year and this is due to their extensive training and development program. The development program gives all those within the company the chance to learn new skills such as leadership and product knowledge as well as giving them the opportunity to progress quickly to sales team leader, and even the potential to open their own sales business.

Limitless Communications is an outsourced brand marketing and communications specialist firm based in Cork, Ireland. The firm provides an inclusive service for all of its clients, specialising in brand awareness, customer acquisition, tracking and monitoring results, and overall offering a superior marketing experience. Limitless Communications is run by successful entrepreneur Richard Moller. As Managing Director, Richard Moller ensures the most comprehensive campaign is researched and designed to not only enhance client satisfaction but generate results beyond their expectations. Limitless Communications achieve these outstanding results by using direct marketing methods such as face-to-face communications in order to connect with customers directly and build personal relationships, increasing brand loyalty.

Limitless Communications are Ireland's leading brand development firm who use direct marketing techniques to increase their clients' ROI. The firm use a unique personalised approach to marketing which helps their clients establish long lasting customer relationships.

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