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BEST Research Labs levels the playing field with anti-aging product line. "Reverse" allows men to compete in the ring with women in the anti-aging battle. "The Art of NOT Growing Old Gracefully".

"Designed to allow men to step into the ring confidently against woman in the battle for anti-aging dominance."

    DELMAR, DE, April 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- BEST Research Labs, a Delaware based skin and hair products company, announced today the release of its "Reverse" product line of men's hair and skin care products. The products in this line up include men's products for anti-aging, cleansing, shaving as well as skin conditioning and hair restoration. The portfolio is designed to allow men to step into the ring confidently against women in the battle for anti-aging dominance.

Designed for men by men, Reverse brings a new philosophy to the men's skin and hair care marketplace. BEST Research Labs is calling this a true lifestyle change, not just a product line but a movement to enable men to "Reverse" the signs of aging on their body through the use of high quality products that are certified organic and proven to work.

The Reverse product line is a unique combination of science, nature and history - drawing on completely organic products, scientific research and testing as well as proven combinations and ingredients that have been used successfully for centuries for hair and skin care.

"Anti-aging for years has been dominated by women with copious amounts of products on the market," said Dr. Edward Best, Founder and CEO of BEST Research Labs. Men want to improve their appearance as well, but it has been "shameful" for them to do so. Many of the existing products on the market look like they are made for women. The fact is how you look really does matter. Whether you want to appear younger to maintain your rank in the workplace or attract a partner or whatever it may be, you should not look your age. You should look younger than you really are. Our products can help you get there.

What is also unique about the Reverse product line is how it is named and marketed. "Men are attracted to typically 3 things - Women, Sports and Cars," states Dr. Best. "We have chosen to exploit the car aspect, with all of our products named for restoring a Muscle Car to its original luster. Products such as Primer, Soft Top Restorer, Body Putty and Overhaul are some of the names used in our product line". Targeted for the demographic of Baby Boomers and Generation Xer's, Reverse is looking to reach a generation of men wanting to change and look better, but are not doing so because of fear of poor quality products or using something that may be too feminine for them to be comfortable with.

At the heart of the product portfolios effectiveness are Essential Oils, potent concentrates of organic plants and soils found around the world that have been used for centuries to help with healing, restoration, anti-aging, medicinal and health improvement objectives. BEST Research Labs have developed unique combinations of these Essential Oils as well as Carrier Oils and other bases that deliver these potent ingredients quickly and effectively to your skin and hair.

"Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of some of these anti-aging products for men?" asks Dr. Best. "They read like a science project list with words ending in "ate", "ene" and "ine". You can't tell what is in there, and what it will do to your skin and hair. Men need to be using things that are all natural and fast acting, and that is what our products are all about."

"Times have changed and men are working longer and living longer," says Dr. Best. "I have traveled the world and have seen what works and what does not work effectively for men. The Reverse product line is everything a man needs for skin and hair care, from cleaning to shaving, moisturizing to restoring, I know these products work and are not filled with additives and preservatives, but filled with nature, science and history."

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BEST Research Labs is a Delaware based corporation that focuses on the development of products and services for the wellness of the human body, both internally and externally. Our philosophy is to enable men and women to reach their anti-aging and health goals with organic and pure agreements.

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