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Mario Games 365 Launches Three New Games

Mario Games 365 has launched 3 new games to add to its roster of free online activities inspired by the classic Nintendo characters. The games, World of Mario, Mario Zombie Explode, and Mario Bubaboom can provide hours of fun with these characters.

    JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, March 26, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mario Games 365, a free gaming website offering interactive Flash games based on beloved Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario, has introduced three new games to its roster: World of Mario, Mario Zombie Explode, and Mario Bubaboom. The three games are consistent with the mission of Mario Games 365, which is to provide engaging, amusing online games without the cost of an expensive console or the need to buy separate games. Whether you have a few minutes to kill or an entire weekend washed out by rain, Mario Games 365 is an ideal way to beat boredom, thanks to the broad variety of games, the ease of play and the lack of required equipment. The engaging nature of the Mario Games 365 can help parents and children enjoy a new game every day while bonding over favorite characters.

The first new game on Mario Games 365, World of Mario, offers a feel similar to the original Mario games, as it requires players to run and jump through interactive worlds filled with bonus blocks that need to be smashed as well as new and familiar enemies that must be conquered in order to make it to the end of the level, unlock the castle doors, and make your way back to the beginning. With challenging twists and turns and creative level design, World of Mario is likely to be a hit with those familiar with the original Mario games and can also be a fun introduction to this genre of gaming. The game is appropriate for all age levels, and parents may enjoy the game just as much as children.

The second new game launched by Mario Games 365, called Mario Zombie Explode, provides a unique twist on the classic Mario games by updating the activity with zombies that must be avoided as players drive a truck up and down the hillsides to collect coins. Players can avoid zombies by jumping over them and picking up special damage-resisting power-ups. Playing the game also offers players an opportunity to unlock new characters and vehicles as they collect coins. The simple and amusing game can provide hours of addicting fun as players challenge themselves to beat prior bests.

The final new game in this wave of launches is Mario Bubaboom. This unique game requires players to shoot at enemies floating in bubbles with a cannon. Because players must be careful when aiming lest they sever the chains holding the enemies in place, as doing so will allow the targets to move, and these elusive enemies must then be eliminated before they float off of the screen. As with the other Mario Games 365, Mario Bubaboom requires players to think strategically and plan several moves ahead to ensure that their hand-eye coordination is on target for not only the current shot but future moves as well.

These new games are just three of the many interactive activities available on the Mario Games 365 website. The website offers free games of all kinds and every game is different, except for the fact that they all center on the familiar, popular characters of the Mario games many parents grew up with. The three new games and the rest of the roster can be found at Mario Games 365 website.


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