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Marketing on 6th, NYC: Steady Growth for Direct Marketing Industry despite Social Media Boom

Growth in the social media industry has not impacted Marketing on 6th, NYC and their direct marketing campaigns.

    NEW YORK, NY, February 20, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Growth in the social media industry has not impacted Marketing on 6th, NYC and their direct marketing campaigns.

Like yin and yang, boom's significant other is never far away, especially when current economic and social trends are examined. The inevitable 'bust' associated with any 'boom' can certainly be applied to the rise of social media marketing over the past five years, as many have disregarded this faddish movement as exactly that; a craze built on the wave of excitement generated by a fresh and innovative approach to marketing. However, whilst the whirlwind romance of social media has been finding its place in the market, Marketing on 6th, NYC confirm direct marketing has been growing and maturing more gradually, making way for collaborative promotional strategies.

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Social media marketing has certainly forged a bold new path in terms of advertising, but the concern now is that the bubble will eventually burst. In her article, The Social Media Boom and Bust, Margie Clayman suggests that 'the gloss of social media will begin to tarnish', describing a bust, not as Social Media Armageddon, but instead, as a decline in companies' dependence on this platform as an essential and exclusive source of advertising. But will this marketing trend yield to this speculatively inevitable 'bust' (2009's 'Social Media Revolution' video certainly doesn't agree), and how, if at all, will direct marketing be affected by this?

There's no denying that social media marketing has become a powerful force in recent years. Rather than a threat working against companies to draw audiences away, it has now been embraced largely as a beneficial platform from which to advertise and engage with target markets through new online communities.

However, direct marketing remains an effective promotional tool that has developed steadily by building solid foundations upon traditional roots, despite the recent surge in social media advertising. It's a method with many facets, able to communicate individual brand values and deliver a personal, tailored service that cannot be replicated online, whilst providing an unrivalled vehicle for efficient campaign analysis. As a result, direct marketing certainly still has its place in the sales industry and continues to flourish despite what has previously been considered competition from alternative promotional strategies. Marketing on 6th's Managing Director, Colm Horgan, believes that direct marketing will continue to thrive in the current media environment:

"Ultimately, many customers still want to interact with a human being, and that's what we provide; a friendly face providing exceptional service to communicate specific, individual brand values. There's only so much a cyber-assistant or social media advertisement can do, and I see no reason why we can't use both strategies in partnership."

In a competitive industry it's easy to see different styles of marketing as exclusive rivals, rather than functional collaborators. However, as Horgan suggests, moving forward into new markets shouldn't prevent direct marketing and social media marketing from working in harmony. After all, each approach brings its own assets to the table; direct marketing provides a personal, accessible service by taking brands straight to the customer, whilst social media offers an invaluable and complementary source of widespread promotion that conveys important individual brand identities.

Marketing on 6th is an ambitious Direct Sales force that links Fortune 500 companies to their future consumers.

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