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Mattia Fiumani Has A Different Vision

Mattia is an internationally known director and producer that is making waves in the entertainment industry.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, April 02, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mattia Fiumani speaks four languages (English, French, Italian and German), received his Master's Degree in Architecture, has lived in Italy, Australia, Scotland, Fiji, Switzerland, Cairo, Berlin, and New York before moving to Los Angeles. Mattia is an internationally known director and producer that is making waves in the entertainment industry.

He may be new to this town, but he's not new to directing and producing. In 2009, he directed "27 Down" (which was released in 2013), a project that was selected by Radiance Institute in Berlin last summer, and in 2010 he directed and produced "The Sakakini Palace" for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. He hasn't stopped working since, directing numerous music videos and commercials since with many projects in development.

Fiumani has quite an impressive resume for a 31-year-old director and producer, and while his hard work has paid off thus far, he recognizes that there is also a little bit of luck mixed into the equation. Although his main focus is being a director, he also enjoys the aspects of producing. "Producing is very creative, especially when the budget isn't huge," Fiumani said. "It's about playing with limited resources and using whatever you've got. It's a lot of problem solving in terms of using those resources to get your vision across." It was clear from the look on his face that he enjoys the challenges that come with producing, but his end goal is to be directing, which is why he came to Los Angeles four months ago.

Fiumani came to this town because of how much it has to offer, and he's right - that's why Los Angeles and Hollywood are the mecca of the film industry. "I was drawn here because there is so much to choose from!" Fiumani said, "For example, I was at a prop warehouse and I've never seen such a huge amount of props anywhere. Same for costumes and special effects; the American film industry benefits from skillful craft persons and from so many more facilities than in Europe."

He made it crystal clear that he wants to be unique in terms of directing and producing, so he's being careful not to be too influenced by all that he's seeing and experiencing in Los Angeles and is definitely not forgetting his native roots. "I want to do my 'thing' here, which is why I'm trying not to watch too much American television. What I want to do is plug into the Hollywood system and play my underground song." This is a good thing; the last thing that this town needs is yet another director who is either doing a bad remake of a good film or making an action film with no soul.

You can't help to admire his enthusiasm and passion for the craft and his desire to be unique. When I asked him what he wanted to accomplish as a director, I expected some cliched response like 'I hope to win an Academy Award,' or 'I hope my film breaks the hundred million mark opening weekend'. The answer I got was anything but cliche. "As a director, I hope that, when a project has been finished, everybody involved in the process, from the actors to the crew, feels that something special has been made," he said. "I want that energy and emotion to translate into the film itself, and let the audience trust it and use it." There's nothing cliche about that response, and let me tell you I've interviewed many, many people in the industry who can't speak in anything but. He views directing and film making as " epic weapon of mass creation." Now that's a quote I really wish I'd come up with.

Fiumani is going to be an interesting and fun star to watch rise. Like his eclectic list of favorite directors, among them Fellini, Lynch and Antonioni, he is a unique individual. It is going to be a great ride watching his future work, be it in the role of a producer or director, and whether it be videos, commercials or feature films. He equates his three favorite directors with music, Fellini is Blues, Lynch is Jazz and Antonioni is Electronica, and I look forward to the 'music' that this young talent will create with his work.

Interview by Chris Hlad

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