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Max Security Solutions Provides Syria Intelligence Alerts

Max Security covers areas of conflict, weapons of mass destruction and sectarian demonstrations and violence in the surrounding region.

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, February 20, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Max Security, a global security consulting firm is offering Syria Intelligence briefings to qualified individuals from corporations and governments. Qualified persons can receive an intel trial, which provides comprehensive information about potential threats to business continuity and also situational risk management strategies. According to Max Security Intelligence Director Dor Raveh, Syria's volatility constitutes a grave threat to the entire region. "Terrorist organizations, WMDs, intra-religious conflict and pre-existing regional instability are only the start of a toxic mix that could engulf the whole region."

Max Security's regional intelligence package enables the company to provide a 360 degree analysis on Syria. Ultimately, this is a critical component for corporations concerned about the possibility of fighting spreading to Turkey and Kurdistan, Lebanon and Israel, or to Iraq. According to Max Security Intelligence Manager Ron Gilran, "Physical borders in the region are porous. And on an emotional level, for many people in the region, those borders practically don't exist. Corporations are at a significant risk from those that would exploit the situation for their own desired ends, including in places outside of Syria."

Max Security's Intelligence reports cover the entire region. A single report may include real-time Intel about protests, riots, criminal activity and anticipated future disturbances, along with maps recommending alternative routes. According to Intelligence Manager Daniel Nisman, "Corporations that wish to forge or maintain a presence in volatile areas will find a willing partner here. Max Security welcomes the most challenging assignments. We look forward to demonstrating how we can improve risk management procedures for clients from different industries."

Max Security also offers in-depth topical webinars and intelligence for Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, the company provides Executive Protection and Security Consulting. According to Nisman, "Max Security's comprehensive services provide more than just an all-in-one solution. We have established synergy in the form of smart security. Corporations with facilities and personnel near the Syrian border can receive intelligence reports, close protection support and a detailed plan to secure their facility in the event of attack, robbery, looting, or disaster. Each service we have makes the others better."

Max is encouraging qualified individuals to sign up for MENA intelligence Reports ( to take a first step towards improving their risk management for challenges relating to the Syria conflict.

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