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Mazda Aims to Boost Drivetrain Efficiency by 30 Percent, Notes Ferman Mazda of Brandon

Mazda's SkyActiv technology will soon boost efficiency by nearly a third over the current system.

    TAMPA, FL, April 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mazda's SkyActiv technology has only been on the market since late 2011 and it's already made an impact for guests at Mazda dealers in Tampa. The 2012 Mazda lineup was named the most efficient fleet by the EPA, thanks to features like the direct injection system used in the engines and the efficiency optimized transmissions developed by engineers, among other improvements. (1) However, Tampa Mazda drivers should know that the improvements for SkyActiv do not stop there.

Powertrain executive Mitsuo Hitomi told reporters that the next generation of the system, known as SkyActiv 2, will improve fleet-wide fuel efficiency by 30 percent. (1) That translates to the Mazda6 sedan achieving a combined EPA fuel economy rating in the low 40s, with the Mazda3 seeing slightly higher numbers. (2) The best part about these numbers is that we're not even talking about hybrids -- these are the gasoline-powered models. (1)

SkyActiv 2 will use "homogeneous charge compression ignition," which means there's enough pressure inside the engine cylinders that the air and fuel can ignite without a spark. This process is similar to the way a diesel engine works. (1)

This technology will take time to develop, of course. Hitomi didn't lay out an official timeline, but he did note that the SkyActiv 2 will be required if Mazda wants to meet the European emissions standards for 2020-2025. (1) Mazda officials, including CEO Masamichi Kogai, have been talking about SkyActiv 2 since 2012, when he noted that it would improve Mazda's efficiency over SkyActiv as much as the first SkyActiv improved Mazda's fleet-wide efficiency in 2011. (1) Until this technology is available, be sure to test drive the latest models, like the Mazda3, at Tampa dealerships.

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1. "Mazda Aims to Boost Drivetrain Efficiency by 30 Percent." Kicking Tires blog.

2. Actual mileage will vary.

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