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MJ Experia Marketing Ltd Note Consumers Buying Patterns are Influenced by Corporate Social Responsibility

As more and more businesses are been held accountable for what they do for society, MJ Experia Marketing Ltd outline their contributions to being a sustainable responsible business.

    BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, February 22, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MJ Experia Marketing Ltd focus on acquiring customers through marketing and promotional activity, an emerging trend noted particularly over the past few months is how the average consumer reviews a brands ethics and contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility when considering a new purchase. Consumers are drawn to products that satisfy their needs, whether that means benefiting from a service or product they invest in or reducing their annual spend. MJ Experia Marketing Ltd have noticed the largest change in how consumers choose a new brand is whether that brand contribute to ethical and environmental issues in some way. People are drawn to companies whose corporate social responsibility activities produce benefits for society, for a charity or by raising awareness of economic issues. 'I believe this stems from attaining the 'feel good' factor, people like to feel that they help those less fortunate, or assist with decreasing carbon emissions and if by purchasing a specific brand enables them to gain that feeling of doing something for their community or doing their part in saving the planet then they are more likely to buy that brand over a competitor's product that has no link to being a sustainable responsible business' says Matt Wassall of MJ Experia Marketing Ltd in Birmingham.

MJ Experia Marketing Ltd claim businesses must take responsibility for corporate ethics and show consumers how and where they report the social and environmental impact of running their business or risk being left behind by reputation damaging consumer choices. Take Gucci as an example of consumer backlash, the brand has no supply chain policy to ensure their products are not produced in overseas sweatshops and do not disclose their environmental policy or any efforts towards reducing carbon emissions. Executives and CEO's of many brands like Gucci are left thinking they should and need to invest in corporate responsibility to retain customers and create value not only for the company but for society.

MJ Experia Marketing Ltd claims there are many benefits to re-engineering supply chains to make them 'greener' and supporting social causes. 'Some of the advantages of implementing policies can be instantaneous. The money saved by committing our business to be more energy efficient can be reported right away and implementing strict guidelines for our recycling methods has been a moderately easy process which of course will contribute to on-going environmental issues' adds Matt Wassall of MJ Experia Marketing Ltd.

Developing a reputation for contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility can benefit many businesses in the long run as MJ Experia Marketing Ltd have noted in their reports of consumer trends being altered. With consumer decisions being transformed by society's pressure to contribute to ethical and environmental issues it will become more and more important for businesses to implement new policies.

Birmingham based, MJ Experia Marketing Ltd will continue to monitor and report on consumer trends relating to brand ethics.

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