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Monday September 2, 2013 is Labor Day

From unions to independent: the new face of the American worker on Labor Day.

    NEW YORK, NY, August 20, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In addition to its social significance, Labor Day is not only the last day of the year to wear white or the last hoorah of summer. Created for and by the American laborer, the holiday celebrates worker contributions to the strength, prosperity, and well being of our country. Yet, from its first organization by unions in 1882, the face of the American worker has drastically changed.

A report issued by Babson and Baruch Colleges points to an exciting trend: The percentage of adults involved in startups by the end of 2012 hit 13%-a record high. Better yet, the vast majority of these businesses started to pursue opportunity, rather than out of necessity.

Digital technology is changing many industries and creating new opportunities, especially in media. News and information are no longer transmitted solely through broadcasted news and newspapers, but from bloggers who are able to voice their opinion with a few strokes on a keyboard.

Information is only a search engine away. It's the era of new news. This change raises the question, how does one separate a well thought out informational blog from a mistake filled mess? The answer is Pollis, a brand new social media platform for news that incorporates a rating system that divides the best content from the worst.

Created by University of Massachusetts Amherst alumnus Jacob Weindling and Justin Fox, the two came up with the idea after Weindling was tired of sifting through questionable blogs and media on Twitter and Facebook.

"We want to be the first place that people go to when people want to find out about their various interests," explains Weindling. "Whether it's cars or video games, or whatever, we want Pollis to be the top spot where people get their news from the internet."

The interface is user-friendly and has been steadily gaining subscribers since its launch in February. Pollis allows users to be proactive in their search for news and can rate what they read from a 1-5 star scale. As a result, the five star blogs are featured at the top of the search lists for users while the lower rated ones vanish from the search screen.

Recently Hollywood Weekly Magazine cited Pollis as the next big thing in news, and bloggers from all over the blogosphere are hopping on the Pollis bandwagon as it puts their names at the top of the list: A hard feat to accomplish in the competitive blogging world.

Proclaimed as Mark Zuckerburgesque, Pollis will revolutionize the way media is presented in the future. "We're trying to fill the void created by the loss of Google reader (a glorified RSS Feed)," says Weindling. "The marketplace was left flawed and without its best bad option to find content. Pollis can fill that gap in the marketplace since it allows you to share, customize, and discover content in a setting that's familiar and easy."

Named after the Greek word meaning city state, Pollis will end up creating their own little city state in their section of the World Wide Web with their innovative ideas and efforts to change how news and blogs are presented on the internet.

Statistics show that only 16% of business funding in the study by Babson and Baruch came from banks, while 82% was from the entrepreneurs' own savings or from friends and family. Currently, Justin Fox and Jacob Weindling are looking for investors for this big idea but have so far funded the project themselves. They are working on a stronger business model to brace themselves for the growth that will come in the upcoming months.

Pollis seeks contributors who share the vision for a new form of media and have the credentials to make those investors very happy. Not only are entrepreneurs like Fox and Weindling changing the standards for media, but also opening doors for American worker contributions to our nation.

To be a part of revolution in news, visit to sign up. Email co-founder Jacob Weindling at for more info call 303-594-3620

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