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Mother Nature Loves Your Compost

Composting is a way for gardeners to dispose of "green and brown" waste materials and have rich nutrients to put in flower and vegetable gardens. Compost is organic and good for the environment in many ways.

    LITITZ, PA, July 29, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Making compost at home is an easy and affordable way to make natural fertilizer for flowers, lawns and vegetable gardens. Not only is composting a good way to recycle waste, but Mother Nature loves organic compost that feeds lawn and vegetable gardens with nutrient saturated material.

Once gardeners have chosen to venture into composting, the first decision is whether to have a compost pile or a bin.

Creating a Compost Pile
If space is not an issue, compost materials can simply be placed in a pile in the backyard. Bigger piles make compost more quickly because heat builds up faster in a large compost pile and speeds up the decomposition process. Compost bins are more space efficient and contain the compost in a specific area. Whichever method is chosen, it is important to turn the pile over every one to two weeks to aerate the contents.

Compost Ingredients - Green and Brown
An important part of learning how to compost is discovering what can be added to the compost bin. Almost any yard waste and kitchen scraps can be added to the mix. Things such as used coffee filters, egg shells, and scraps or peels from fruits and vegetables are all great additions to compost. These types of contents are referred to as the green materials in composting.

Yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, dead plant material and small branches are referred to as the brown materials in the composting process. Compost piles should have roughly equal amounts of brown and green materials in 2-3" layers for the optimal compost mix up to a maximum height of approximately 3 feet in a compost pile.

Compost Starters
To make the composting process occur more quickly, it is important to use an organic compost starter sprinkled on each layer of debris in the pile. Look for organic compost starters that use a range of natural microorganisms that work effectively at the high temperatures found in a composting pile. Ringer Compost Plus Organic Compost Starter is a great product to get compost started. It's easy to use and contains specially designed nutrient sources that start the compost process more quickly and efficiently.

Using Compost
Composting yard waste breaks down the plant tissue to simple, basic nutrients in a form that plants can use for growth. Yards and gardens can receive the benefits of rich, moist humus when worked into the soil in the Spring or Fall or anytime during the growing season. Knowing how to compost can save you a lot of money and produce a healthy organic garden.

Gardeners can learn much more about composting by viewing this infographic on the subject from Avant Garden Decor at The infographic format gives gardeners an easy way to understand the nuances of composting and is a visual guide for starting and using their own compost.

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