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Nature's Happiness Implores You to Understand Organics

Food labels can be confusing, but Nature's Happiness deserves your trust.

    OGDEN, UT, January 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As one of the foremost authorities on the retail of products for health-conscious consumers, Nature's Happiness feels that all too often, consumers know too little about the ingredients in the foods they love. Nature's Happiness carries only items sourced from reputable manufacturers, organic farms, and other such trustworthy producers of foods. Trusting these companies enough to recommend that people put their products into their bodies is something to be taken quite seriously.

Since the 1970s, purity and authenticity of food have been popular ideas, but terms like "pure" and "authentic" can be difficult to define. Grocery stores have noticed the desires of consumers to buy products that advertise themselves as "pure" and "authentic," but these ideas are not always consistent with the reality of the foods available. In fact, the ability of scientists to find the essential ingredients that ensure wholesomeness, and nutrition has been slower than the ability of advertisers to claim that they've figured it out.

For these reasons, the federal government has devised ways to monitor disconcerting, and even harmful aspects of the food industry. Small farms and manufacturers of known healthy ingredients, however, sometimes cannot market their foods as "cures" and as having "clear health benefits," even when they are. Meanwhile, the ability of clever advertisers to manufacture goods with no health benefits, provided they don't make claims that the FDA will take issue with, means that supplements and foods that have a proven effect are sometimes at a disadvantage.

Sometimes seeing past the claims of magazines available at the checkout counter, and ignoring advice on daytime TV can be difficult. At Nature's Happiness, the ingredients in the products are made known right on the website, and details about the specific health benefits in each product are there for your reading pleasure on each page. You can trust Nature's Happiness to provide you with only healthful, natural foods.

The term "Organic"

It is, perhaps, unfortunate that the term "organic," was chosen to represent foods certified not to contain artificial chemicals. The word "organic," can be used in other contexts to describe almost any chemical with carbon in it, which can include petroleum and wax. Those with an understanding of chemistry balk at the idea, then, of "inorganic" foods, since such foods would be made from inorganic compounds like rocks and minerals.

This confusion helps no one, which is why "harmful chemical-free" would arguably be a better term than "organic." The FDA has settled on different checklists of ingredients that can't be present in the farming or manufacturing of food products in order for them to be considered organic. The term is not subjective, and understanding that this is the case allows you to trust products sold by Nature's Happiness.

Our company offers some of the worlds most down to earth, 100% pure, unprocessed, and nutrient-rich Superfoods. All of our Superfood products are non toxic, eco-friendly, non irradiated, non pasteurized and are not fortified with any additional ingredients. Most of the Superfoods that we provide are certified Organic or Wild Harvest, Vegan, Raw, Gluten-free, Kosher, and Non-GMO. To learn more about specific product details and certifications, please visit the product's description page.

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