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New Compact Generation of 12 and 24 Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries with Greater Power Capacity from Clayton Power

With the new line up to 20 batteries may be connected in parallel to create a 2000Ah battery pack and provide efficient high-capacity power supply in a compact shape.

    FYN, DENMARK, October 18, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Clayton Power has launched a new generation of compact 100Ah 12V and 24V lithium-ion batteries. With the new line up to 20 batteries may be connected in parallel to create a 2000Ah battery pack and provide efficient high-capacity power supply in a compact shape.

"The chemistry of the new lithium-ion batteries combined with the built-in Battery Management System allows a peak load of up to 250A for ten minutes and 100A continually," Janick Lauenborg, Business Manager at Clayton Power explains. "A battery pack of 10 lithium batteries may provide a total of 2500A for ten minutes and 1000A continually. Such a performance cannot be matched by traditional lead technology."

High energy, low weight
Low weight, fast charging and a lifetime of up to 3000 cycles are some of the benefits of lithium-ion technology. Combined these features make the new compact lithium-ion batteries well suited for mobile power solutions.

"Many of our customers for instance need to outfit special vehicles with power consuming equipment. Conventional lead battery solutions make it difficult to keep the total payload below 3500 kg," explains Janick Lauenborg. "Our new 100Ah lithium-ion batteries come in a 19 kg 12V version and a 36 kg 24V version. Hence the payload can be reduced with hundreds of kilos with a lithium battery pack."

Lithium technology is highly energy efficient. While the lifetime of conventional lead batteries is reduced when discharged more than 50 %, lithium batteries endure up to 80 % discharge without taking damage. This means more energy for efficient consumption and longer operation times.

The new batteries can be connected to a combined G3 Inverter/Charger, which makes it possible to charge batteries from the mains in less than an hour, as well as from the alternator while driving. The Inverter/Charger may provide 12V or 24V to 230V/50Hz power for special equipment simultaneously for vans, boats and UPS-systems, etc.

New possibilities with lithium battery technology
Lithium technology defines a new era of efficient power supply and mobile power solutions, and the newest generation of compact lithium-ion batteries is ready for delivery. Contact Clayton Power today or visit for more information on the possibilities of lithium power technology.

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Clayton Power: Power Systems and Solutions.

Clayton Power is founded at the end of the 1990s in Denmark. The company develops and produces a broad range of power products, systems and power solutions for mobile and off grid power supply, including lithium ion batteries, battery management systems, sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers and controllers. Industries: Automotive, Industrial, Maritime, Military and Renewable Energy.


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