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New Media Company Has the Potential to Crush Competition

Directors Live is a video network that allows Directors to publish original content and earn a share of the ad revenue based on video impressions. Take a look at the website, it's different from anything you've seen and way more impressive.

    NEWPORT NEWS, VA, October 09, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Every day, videos go viral, and make tons of money for the company hosting the video, and absolutely nothing for the people creating them. Most people haven't even realized the potential to earn money off of their videos. It's still a new concept. And, unfortunately, a lot of the ones that have realized it fall short of the requirements necessary to participate in these programs. For the ones that do, many times they've already missed out on the 15 minutes of fame that they may have capitalized on.

So what's the alternative for people that like uploading their videos and would like to be able to make some cash on them? Directors Live!

Directors Live is a video network that allows Directors to publish original content and earn a share of the ad revenue based on video impressions. And if you take a look at the website, it's different from anything you've seen and way more impressive.

But it's going to take way more than some good looks to compete with YouTube and Vimeo. Yet, it seems that the creators of Directors Live have already considered that. What's tremendous is that the Publishers do half of the marketing and the company does the rest. Publishers know that the more views they get, the more money they make. This creative angle started producing results for the company before the website was even launched! Not only that, but they've done their research.

It seems that only 4% of YouTube's videos are created by their partners. And most partners still aren't making any money. If you're name's not Fred or Expert Village, you may have a slightly harder time trying to get some of those Adsense dollars. When you think about it, YouTube waited years until they even offered to share some of their billions with their community members. Vimeo, who charges $59 a year for a premium account, doesn't have a revenue sharing program at all. The great thing about Vimeo, however, is that their quality and content are light years above YouTube. Unfortunately for them, Directors Live has the best of both worlds. A great revenue sharing program, and high quality original content.

Think about it. Supposedly, YouTube is worth over $4 Billion dollars and is owned by internet media giant, Google. Yet, they only paid out $1 Million to partners in April of 2008, nearly a year after the program's inception. Directors Live plans to pay that out within the first 6 months. With its polished and user friendly website and high quality content, Directors Live is appealing to both viewers and video publishers alike. What's also clear is that Directors Live is about to become an issue for some major media monsters.

Directors Live is a versatile group of passionate and creative individuals that have redefined the internet television experience. Their network is internet TV with an awesome twist. Offering viewers everything they could want in an online HD quality television experience: from the fun and entertaining, to the informative and inspirational; from shows, how-to's and reviews, to comedy, animation and short films.

Directors Live was conceived for the rising generation of individuals that utilize the Internet as their primary and foremost media source. With that in mind, they sought a way to develop a place to allow those who had a vision to express it, and those with an open mind to appreciate it. That way, every individual of any culture with a video camera, and a little originality, has the opportunity to be a real director. As a result, they have a diverse network of people that have an outlet to share their experiences, lives and creative vision with you.

The content is all original, deliciously sophisticated and entertainingly outrageous. Ultimately, their website is the fun, innovative and culturally diverse alternative to the overly replicated story lines of mainstream film and television. Enjoy your viewing experience.

Here's the Rundown:

Directors only publish original content. That means that every video at Directors Live is High Quality and Highly Entertaining.

When you sign up to become a director, you become an independent Publisher on Directors Live. You get to post your videos and share your creative vision with the world, and make some money while doing it. For everyone of you that had to cut back on your recreational spending this year, put some fun back into your life by creating a stream of income with Directors Live.

Some of the Directors just enjoy video blogging and showing off their skills to the world. That's cool. And some of them aspire to have their own talk shows, become entertainers or filmmakers. That's cool too. Whatever the case may be, they offer worldwide exposure in an exclusive arena where politics play no part. If they like your content, you'll get featured.

They are strictly & completely here to help take serious directors to the next level of their careers. Don't get lost in the pool of overpopulated social networks that are not designed with you in mind. If you are determined and driven to becoming a successful director in the film industry, they have the information and the tools to get you there.

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