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New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyers On Notice For Unethical Practices Regarding Car Accident Cases By Not Placing Their Clients First

Car accident victims in New Port Richey who've been injured can now read and write reviews about personal injury lawyers in Pasco County's New Port Richey before they choose the right automobile accident lawyer for their case.

    NEW PORT RICHEY, FL, July 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- New Port Richey, FL is no stranger to car accidents and personal injury victims are faced with the task of finding the right lawyer for their case. Unfortunately not all lawyers have their clients best interest at heart.

An example of this is a lawyer who'll say anything or not say anything at all to manipulate you into choosing them for your personal injury law case. An attorney who avoids telling it like it is and keeps talking about how "we need to get you better first" is a lawyer who is not looking out for your best interest but more interested in building a case for themselves. Make sure your lawyer gives you his opinion of the monetary value of your case or don't use them.

Law is business period !, If the New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyer you are talking to avoids setting realistic monetary expectations for your case by explaining various scenarios to you and combining those scenarios with your insurance coverage and the insurance coverage of the other party; they are wasting your time period !

A good Car Accident Lawyer will first collect as much information as possible prior to giving you any assessments. They will not recommend any specific doctor for you to use unless you ask for a recommendation and even then they should suggest you use your current doctor first.

If they recommend you to a chiropractor they are wasting your time !, especially if that chiropractor is his hunting buddy. Yes his hunting buddy ! First of all, insurance companies frown upon chiropractors and usually don't recognize any treatment you might get from them as a factor in your case. If this is true then why would you wast your time and money building up your case if it's not going to help you in the long run.

Any medical attention you might need should be done with a doctor that an insurance company will respect and recognize as a viable source of information. Otherwise all your doing is making your chiropractor money while you deplete your insurance coverage. Oh and don't forget it's always a possibility that the lawyer who recommended that chiropractor might be getting a cut of the action.

Please understand this is not a knock against chiropractors because they have been known to help people feel better, this is a knock against chiropractors and their side kick personal injury lawyer buddies that illegally profit from other peoples misery. Yes it's illegal for a lawyer to profit from you in an unethical manor. Beware of chiropractors who rush to take full body scans of you after an accident, especially if they have not had an orientation meeting with you first. It's your money that is being spent no matter how you look at it. Every dollar you spend on treatment or therapy is a dollar out of your pocket.

I personally know a friend that was in an accident and was not at fault and when all the smoke settled she walked away with $900 in her pocket, however between her lawyer and his chiropractor hunting buddy and of course the auto body shop everyone else walked away with over $35,000.

Unfortunately the injured party is still suffering from neck and back pain.

This was not a lawyer looking out for his client, this was a lawyer playing the system and taking advantage of someone during a difficult time.

I published this press release to provide some insight on the personal injury law process. I created the website (below) to allow people the opportunity to read and write about New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyers. Hopefully this will help them find the right lawyer for their case. Most lawyers and chiropractors are good and caring but some of them are not.

Good luck and feel free to visit our site by clicking on the link below, we would love to hear about your experience.
Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews New Port Richey

Please note the opinions and views of our site does not reflect anyone one person or persons, but are directly the opinion of our author. If there is an attorney or chiropractor who takes offense to this press release please contact us and we would like to meet with you, interview you and review all your personal injury law cases one by one.

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