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New Super Drink Provides Complete Nutrition in a Grab 'n Go Bottle

Offered at over 40 healthy food and beverage retailers in Florida, Chimp Food is a healthy blend of 25 fruits, berries, veggies, nuts and seeds, ideal for health conscious consumers.

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    HOLLYWOOD, FL, August 19, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Chimp Food, a nutrition start-up company that was launched in July 2013, has roared to the forefront of the health, wellness, and fitness industries. Taking third place at BevNET's 2013 Beverage Showdown, Chimp Food, a nutritious 25 super food drink, is now available at over 40 healthy food and beverage retailers in South Florida. It is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the growing beverage health craze by providing a real, raw whole food in a convenient grab 'n go bottle.

"After concentrating on working rather than focusing on my own health, I had reached 265 lbs. in 2011," said Scott Joseph, the founder of Chimp Food. "I felt horrible, sluggish and my back was killing me. So I tried every possible diet, all available cleanses, and lots of juices and smoothies. Nothing worked." Then one day he had an "a-ha" moment when he realized just how healthy all other animals were. Think about it, every fish, every bird, every wild animal that you see is always fit, trim, healthy and in perfect shape, but on the other hand, humans are riddled with obesity and chronic disease. It's well known that 66% of people are overweight, but you never see that in nature.

Then the real breakthrough came. Our closest living relatives are chimpanzees, who are more like us than any other animal. We are almost 99% genetically alike, however they live virtually disease free - just imagine... NO obesity, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, arthritis, headaches, ADD, depression and thousands of diseases that plague us every day. Our digestive systems are nearly exactly the same as Chimps, so wouldn't it make sense, we should be eating the same foods. They eat 2/3 fruits and berries, 1/3 vegetables, along with some nuts and seeds.

"By mimicking their diet, I quickly lost 100 lbs. and at the age of 52, I now feel as young and vibrant as a teenager," said Joseph. "I see much better, I hear much better and my energy level is through the roof." Using that same formula he created Chimp Food, a perfect portion of Fruits, Berries, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds.

It's a Full Days Supply of 5-different fruits, 5-different berries, 5-different veggies, 5-different nuts, and 5-different seeds... 25-different Nutrient Rich Super Foods, "Exactly" what your body needs!! Chimp Food is simply 100% Real, Raw, Whole Food blended together. Everything is raw and uncooked, so it has more nutrients than cooked foods. Everything is pureed and blended, so more is absorbed. Just like chimps eat, all the peels, skins, and seeds are included. When he says there are oranges in there, he means the entire orange including the peel, pulp and seeds. When he says there are bananas in there, he means the entire banana, including the banana peel. Only humans throw the good part away!! It's Not A Juice - It's a Meal - Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, a true meal replacement. It's food you drink - Liquid food in a bottle!! It's the Healthiest Meal You Will EVER Drink!!

In March 2014, Chimp Food began selling in retail stores and is now in approx 40 locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida. Although the drinks are currently only available at retail establishments in Florida, the company does offer a nut bar online. The company plans to begin shipping nationwide through Amazon shortly and will expand its products to include no-peel drinks, no-nut drinks, and an organic juice blend.

After discovering the similarities between chimpanzees and humans, it's changed Scott's life for the better. Chimp Food is now his way of sharing his message and helping others to achieve excellent health by offering real raw whole nutritious food. For more information on Chimp Food drinks and bars, please visit the website at or call 754-263-2550.

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