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New York Firm AnRousa Reveal 3 Top Ways to Retain Talent

Recent reports show that confidence among America's workforce is on the up. New York sales and marketing firm AnRousa, suggest now is the time to invest in development to avoid losing a talented workforce to competing companies.

    JERSEY CITY, NJ, August 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Recent reports in the media suggest that workers across America are feeling more confident about moving on from their current employment in order to progress in their chosen career. Sales and marketing firm AnRousa are pleased that the nation's workers are keen to further themselves, however are urging businesses to re-evaluate their learning and development programs to avoid a shortage of talent. AnRousa believe that as a business grows it's important for their staff to grow with it, developing the skills and knowledge of an existing workforce is far better for future success than hiring and training new inexperienced individuals. Investing in people and supporting their career development internally means that a business can build a strong foundation for success, it ensures all individuals share the businesses values and beliefs and are happy working towards the same goals. It can take many years for an individual to learn the specifics of a business's working practices therefore it's important for a business to support their team so that the customer experience does not suffer.

It's estimated that 42% of businesses are looking to increase their investment in learning and development over the next year to encourage talented individuals to stay on board. However, with career development meetings currently only being held annually in a number of American businesses, AnRousa fear this investment may not be enough. Many workers with career aspirations feel that by only addressing their career progression once a year, businesses are being un-supportive and leaving them uninspired within their roles. Young workers especially who are keen to move their careers forward, require far more regular career development meetings to reassure them that their future goals are achievable.

AnRousa think businesses must act now to avoid losing talented individuals. The sales and Marketing firm have offered businesses 3 top tips to help encourage talent to stay.

Improve Management Training
With the media reports suggesting many managers conducting career development meetings aren't trained, AnRousa believe increasing management training is a vital first step. If managers aren't trained to support their workers development, then annual meetings simply become a waste of time. By increasing training workers will feel far more supported and be more likely to stay loyal, rather than look for new opportunities.

Provide Opportunities
One of the main reasons for workers to move on is the repetitiveness of their job role. Alternatively, many people find that a business may blur the lines of their job role and add extra work and pressure to their everyday practices without any recognition of their efforts. AnRousa believe that businesses should create a clear picture of what is expected of each individual job role, and provide extra work and opportunities to those who want them. Businesses should take an active interest in their workforce and learn to recognise and develop individual strengths.

Create a Culture
A great work culture can heavily influence an individual's decision to stay or go. AnRousa urge businesses to ensure that morale among their workforce remains high through ensuring their needs are met and their opinions are listened to. A business's culture is filtered all the way down to the products they create and the customer service they provide, so it's important for businesses to create a positive company culture for both their workforce's well-being and their future market success.

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