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North Hampton Podiatrist Offers Preventative Techniques For Peripheral Neuropathy

Read the article below to get some great info from Dr. Brian Nagy, podiatrist in North Hampton, New Hampshire, regarding preventative care for peripheral neuropathy.

Read the article below to get some great info from Dr. Brian Nagy, podiatrist in North Hampton, New Hampshire, regarding preventative care for peripheral neuropathy.

    NORTH HAMPTON, NH, January 16, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Peripheral neuropathy is a result of nerve damage, which often occurs in the feet and hands. Typically, it occurs in the longest nerves, and these nerves reach the toes, which is why many patients experience problematic symptoms in their feet: pain, numbness, burning sensation and tingling. For people living with diabetes, they have a higher chance of developing peripheral neuropathy.

If multiple nerves are damaged and symptoms escalate, it may be difficult to get around. If you are at risk for developing peripheral neuropathy, you need to talk to your podiatrist about at-home and professional treatment to find symptom relief. Dr. Brain Nagy, North Hampton podiatrist, offers four preventative steps to help stop peripheral neuropathy from developing: control glucose levels, increase blood flow, check your feet daily and wear protective and comfortable shoes.

You need to control your blood sugar
The most important thing to do is to control your blood sugar levels. If you let your blood glucose levels run high for too long, you can damage the nerves and blood vessels in your feet. If a foot's nerves and blood vessels are damaged, a sufficient amount of oxygen and blood won't circulate. To prevent this from happening, try to increase blood flow. For those who already developed neuropathy, short walks may increase blood circulation and possibly slow down the progression of the condition.

Check your feet daily
If neuropathy causes numbness in your feet, be extra careful. Diabetes affects your immune system and makes it more difficult for your body to heal itself. You can develop a cut or blister and not even know it, so check your feet on daily basis. Poorly healing skin abrasions can turn into an infection. To protect your footsies from injury, wear comfortable shoes-the right support and room for your feet can ease the pressure on your nerves.

Professional Neuropathy Treatment
"When you have exhausted all of your at-home options and over-the-counter pain relievers aren't helping, it's time to visit a professional," says Dr. Nagy.

At Associated Family Foot Care Center, Dr. Nagy can offer non-surgical, peripheral neuropathy and diabetic foot care in North Hampton. A MicroVas Vascular Treatment System is readily available at Dr. Nagy's podiatry office. Microvascular therapy is intended to increase blood flow and elevated tissue oxygenation in the foot. With continued treatment, patients may experience improved sensation of the foot and can also lead to alleviated pain.

In North Hampton, podiatrist, Dr. Nagy, can discuss the right actions to take to produce the best results.

Call (603) 964-6555 to schedule an appointment for diabetic food care in North Hampton. Or you can visit Dr. Nagy's podiatry website at to submit an appointment request form.

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