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Oil Drilling Company, Fossil Oil, Talks About Use of Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling deserves its share of press for being a positive innovation in the oil production industry.

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    HOUSTON, TX, April 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Horizontal drilling typically plays second fiddle to hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") when the media covers the oil and natural gas industry. However, Fossil Oil, an oil and gas investment company, believes that horizontal drilling should take the stage front and center because it is a marvel of innovation and engineering.

Traditional vertical drilling limits the ability to recover the oil and gas found within a shale formation. Horizontal drilling completely changes the game by allowing the operators that would perform the vertical drill to set pipe and drill throughout the same rock formations and exponentially improve their recovery rates.

Unlike hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling provides positive results for the environment. A single horizontally drilled well can replace the need to create more than a dozen vertical wells and still access the same amount of crude. The environment benefits are significantly less impacted land, less water usage and disposal needs and fewer air emissions -- all for the same amount of oil production.

"Sadly, the benefits of horizontal drilling have been overshadowed by negativity surrounding the practice of hydraulic fracturing in the media," says Lisa Kittler, Client Relations. "Thanks to the nickname 'fracking,' oil production has become equated with cursing in the minds of the American public."

Fossil Oil knows that oil and gas investors have done enough independent research to know about the extensive benefits to horizontal drilling. The investment firm hopes that in the future, this engineering marvel will receive its fair press and improve public interest in the innovations of the oil and natural gas industry.

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About Fossil Oil:

Founded by Dennis R. Kittler in 1999, Fossil Oil is an independent oil and gas investment company out of Houston, Texas. Fossil Oil strives to provide significant investment opportunities in reserves of oil and natural gas.

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