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Oklahoma City Podiatrist Helps Faulty Foot Biomechanics With Custom Orthotics

Dr. Darren Elenburg makes custom orthotics for Oklahoma City patients to improved function, comfort and protection.

Dr. Darren Elenburg makes custom orthotics for Oklahoma City patients to improved function, comfort and protection.

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, January 22, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Patients who have painful feet, calluses, or difficulty walking can often benefit from premade arch supports or custom made orthotics in Oklahoma City from Dr. Darren Elenburg. So, what is the difference between an arch support and a custom orthotic? An arch support is premade and not custom made for individual patients' needs - think of it like a pair of nonprescription reading glasses or a pair of pants that are not tailored to fit better. A custom orthotic, on the other hand, is custom made by a lab from a full mold of the patients' foot with fiberglass or plaster and specifically manufactured for that patient's foot - think prescription glasses or a tailored pair of pants rather than something "off the rack".

With custom orthotics, the abnormalities can be optimally supported and relieve discomfort that is caused by poor biomechanics. Premade arch supports offer basic support to the feet. Both type devices are provided by Oklahoma City Podiatrist, Dr. Elenburg, to help patients to walk more comfortably and with improved function.

Don't be misled by "custom orthotics" purchased at a store or kiosk. Many stores and the "Dr. Scholls" kiosk use pressure plates that you stand on to recommend a "custom orthotic." These devices are NOT custom made. They are custom sized. Although the machine may show you a fancy display, there is nothing custom made about those types of products; they are a premade arch support recommended by the machine based on the amount of pressure the plate detects. Don't be fooled. They use the word "custom" to help their sales price.

A true custom made orthotic, however, is made from a full mold of your foot in a neutral position (not weight bearing). This is done with fiberglass or plaster molding by a Podiatrist.

Dr. Elenburg can help you determine what is best. Better yet, he lets you to try out premade devices before you buy it. And even better, his price is often the same or better than other stores!

"Both custom orthotics and arch supports are worn inside your shoes and work by controlling your foot motion as you walk. This allows your feet to work more efficiently and can make you more comfortable. Like proper posture and wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses, correcting the faulty function helps prevent problems later in life by improving function," said Dr. Darren Elenburg, a Podiatrist in Oklahoma City. "Custom made functional orthotics can be made from a variety of materials and can be made in various ways to fit a variety of shoe types to fit a person's unique needs. Premade arch supports are a less expensive since they have a premade shape and do not need special manufacturing." Determining which is right for you is best determined by a Podiatrist or other foot and ankle expert.

The goal of arch supports and custom orthotics varies according to the patient's needs. Whether it is painful bunions, calluses, tendonitis, flat feet or joint pains, many issues may be improved with supporting what you walk on all day long. How many times have you gone somewhere fun only to have your feet become sore and tired at the end of the day? Dr. Elenburg determines what is needed and whether a premade device should be helpful or whether a custom made orthotic is needed. Talk with Dr. Elenburg about what is bothering you most, which shoe types you usually wear and what activities you participate in so he can help make you feel better now!

When the foot doesn't function at its best, it can easily become strained. Foot function affects the legs, knees, hips, and back which may contribute to aches and pains. Do you have knee arthritis? Did you know there is a shoe that is patented to help with that problem? Dr. Darren Elenburg, Podiatrist in Oklahoma City has access to this information and much more to help you.

Whether it is to prevent problems, relieve pain, or increase efficiency for runners or other athletes you may benefit greatly from the use of premade or custom-made orthotics from Dr. Darren Elenburg, an Oklahoma City Podiatrist. For more information, you can visit

About Dr. Darren Elenburg: Dr. Darren Elenburg graduated from Podiatric medical school in Des Moines, IA, performed 4 years of post graduate residency, and returned to his home town of Oklahoma City to begin practice in 2002. He is Board Certified. His practice provides a wide scope of care for the foot and ankle. This includes shockwave therapy with EPAT - the same machine the Olympic team uses - for chronic heel pain. Studies show 80% success in the 5 year studies. Dr. Elenburg has been the Scientific Chairman for the Oklahoma Podiatric Medical Association for the past 10 years and stays up to date in all areas of the foot and ankle.

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