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Open Source Digital Asset Management Provider, Razuna, Announces Feature Packed Release

Open source and cloud based Digital Asset Management provider, Razuna, announces release of version 1.6.5, which introduces more than 220 new features and bug fixes.

"We believe this module will greatly help businesses organize their product related assets and quickly provide access to resellers, customers or systems such as a webshop or a PIM system."

    HOUSTON, TX, June 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Razuna just announced its newest release, 1.6.5, which includes a number of new features to make image, video, audio and document handling easier for businesses. One of the major additions to Razuna 1.6.5 is a product layer, which allows businesses to attach multiple assets to a single product.

"We're not in the PIM business," says Jens Strandbygaard, CEO of Razuna. "But many of our customers use Razuna to handle product images and videos. And to better support their needs, we have developed a module, which will allow them to bundle assets under a single product."

The module supports UPC formats, and images and video will automatically be organized under the UPC number upon upload. If the customer uses a PIM system, such as e.g. Riversand, they can connect their PIM system to Razuna and automatically fetch the relevant assets for each product.

"We believe this module will greatly help businesses organize their product related assets and quickly provide access to resellers, customers or systems such as a webshop or a PIM system."

New API foundation
Razuna has also changed the API foundation so that connectivity to Razuna for other systems is easier. It is now possible to access Razuna using standard user keys, which means that existing user rights for images and videos can be inherited in other systems.

"We have about 35 global software partners, integrating their applications with Razuna. Such partners could be PIM software vendors that use Razuna as an embedded media asset management application. So with this change, they can use single-sign-on and ensure that users only see assets that they are allowed to see across the platforms," says Jens Strandbygaard.

Folder subscription
Users can now subscribe to folders, which allows them to receive notifications, whenever another user makes changes to these folders.

"Most of our customers have teams with many different people working in Razuna, and with the folder subscriptions, they can now stay updated whenever relevant changes occur."

Set expiration dates
Another interesting feature in Razuna is the ability to set an expiration date on asset and user records. "Many businesses buy images for a certain period from stock image providers. With Razuna they can now set the expiration date directly and avoid using images which they are no longer allowed to use."

More than 220 issues tackled
All in all, more than 220 issues have been tackled and a host of new features introduced.
Amongst them:

- Downloaded assets retain the same folder structure as in Razuna
Downloading files previously showed a custom folder structure. In Razuna 1.6.5 you will get the same folder structure as in the system which makes it a lot easier to identify downloads and share assets.

- Copy of folder
Whole folders can be copied, including all assets, metadata, etc.

- Export templates
In addition to the existing metadata export functionality users can now export the metadata and map it to other systems through a template. Through use of a template only relevant metadata fields will be exported.

- Create renditions by pixels and inches
Renditions (conversions) can be created based on both pixels and inches. So users can upload e.g. a Photoshop document and have Razuna convert it to a given size specified in inches.

- Labels, too, have permissions, similar to folders in Razuna
Many customers use labels as virtual folders, and Razuna now treats them much like folders. This allows customers to setup virtual folder structures to create and share subsets of assets.

- Replacing and archiving existing assets in bulk
Users can replace existing assets in bulk via uploading of a compressed file containing the new assets. The existing assets will be archived and can be found under the "Versions"/"Additional Renditions" tab

- Major improvements to search indexing
Razuna has always been focused on providing fast and accurate searches, and with the release of 1.6.5, the search indexing has been dramatically improved.

As always, users of the hosted version and support plan will be upgraded for free and users of the self-hosted edition can download the new version for free at

New users can sign up on for a free 30 trial.

About Razuna (
Razuna, founded 2005, is an enterprise level web-based digital asset management platform, which is available in an open source edition and as a cloud service (SaaS). Razuna's main focus is to serve as a DAM system with enterprise features, usable by the average user without training. Razuna's partner efforts aim to empower software vendors to offer extensive DAM or MAM capabilities through embedding Razuna in their solutions, in a manner transparent to the end-user. Assets can be stored on the Razuna platform itself or with cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3 or Akamai. Razuna is headquartered in Denmark with offices in Houston, TX and serves more than 2,500 clients worldwide on its cloud service. More than 80,000 businesses have downloaded the Razuna open source edition over the past 12 months. 80% of Razuna's customers are based in USA.

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