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Opus One Wine Demystified By Alton MC Ratings

Alton's MC Ratings is the first in history to unveil the total beauty of a wine. Taste is just the tip of the iceberg - underneath are terroir, viticulture, vinification, vintage and value. These are hidden factors that consumers should not neglect.

Alton MC Ratings is re-shaping the consumers' traditional wine-buying decision making process. Consumers now rely on MC Ratings because it tells them hidden factors on wines they are about to drink.

    BREA, CA, April 20, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Alton Wine Academy, a world leader of wine critique and a non-profit organization, unveiled today its wine rating score sticker based on its Alton MC Ratings. Both the sticker and the MC Ratings are patent pending. The unique design of the sticker consists of two parts. The upper part has multiple layers of rings around the inner circle. The outer ring has the MC Ratings' 6-element ratings known as 2T4V which includes Taste, Terroir, Viticulture, Vinification, Vintage and Value. The inner circle displays the final integrated score of a wine based on MC Ratings' patent pending algorithm. The lower part has a QR code. Scanning the QR code with a cellular phone gives access to a detailed wine rating datasheet that has information about the wine including aroma, palate, grape origin, soil type of the vineyard, grape planting and harvesting process and wine-making process. It also shows the quality of the specific vintage and the performance-to-price ratio.

"With Alton's patent pending MC Ratings and its unique score stickers, it can now be very easy for consumers to access a wine's intrinsic facts and information," said Peter Candido Mormile, Vice President of Marketing of Alton. "This is re-shaping the consumers' traditional wine-buying decision making process on the spot. Consumers now rely on MC Ratings because it tells them hidden factors on wines they are about to drink."

We have published the MC Ratings sticker on Opus One 2013 here. The QR code in the sticker picture is live, which is the same sticker as on the actual bottles of the wines rated. Once you scan the QR code, it will display the detailed MC Ratings datasheet of Opus One 2013. You can also view or download the datasheet directly from below URL.

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Alton Wine Academy is a world leader of wine critique organization located in metro Los Angeles, USA. It is founded by a group of senior winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics from France, Italy, Spain, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Alton's main business lines are wine ratings and wine education. For more information, please visit, or send e-mail to

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Alton's Patent Pending MC Ratings on Opus One 2013

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