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Outsource Sydney Outlines the Leadership Styles Every Business Should Learn

Direct marketing company, Outsource Sydney, has responded to an article by Jillian Kurvers that highlights a range of inspirational approaches to leadership.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 20, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Effective management is essential to the success of any business venture; a good leader inspires, motivates and facilitates, whilst providing clear goals and maintaining open lines of communication with their team.

As a business that promotes the value of great leadership, Outsource Sydney has identified with the management methods that feature in Jillian Kurvers' article, '6 Most Inspirational Leadership Styles'. As its title suggests, the piece focuses on the importance of leadership by drawing attention to six very different styles of management, which are depicted as the following characters:

'The Pillar' represents an approach to leadership that places high emphasis on discipline, dedication, structure and hard work. This manager is 'strong and steadfast, leading by example rather than force'.

'The Empowerer' is 'one of the most empathetic leadership styles' that inspires by placing trust and confidence in team members' abilities, leading to a positive, productive environment in which individuals are encouraged to contribute their own strengths and expertise.

'The Logician' is the 'intellectual with a knack for solving tough problems'. This creative leader finds solutions and encourages self-analysis and efficiency.

'The Visionary' is an intuitive and influential leader 'driven by possibilities', with an aversion to settling for second best.

As the name implies, 'The Impassioned' is 'persuasive by default' and inspires through sheer enthusiasm and dedication to their work.

Finally, 'The Perfectionist' is the 'idealist who inspires others to never submit (or defend) subpar work', with uncompromising standards and attention to detail.

As this list suggests, there is not one solitary style of leadership available to adopt; there are many methods, and each is unique and tailored to the individual. However, there are also similar attributes that overlap each of Kurvers' 'characters'. Managers must lead by example and with complete conviction in their particular technique if they are to effectively inspire others. Indeed, they 'must excel in their specific roles while also bringing out the best work in others, ensuring their teams have the resources and support to succeed'.

Outsource Sydney's Managing Director, Helen Poutakidis, agrees that 'leadership cannot be defined as a singular trait', arguing that the styles of management highlighted in Kurvers' article are often overlooked in business. Whilst her company specializes in connecting clients with customers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising, Poutakidis also credits her work force as the company's biggest asset, and places huge importance on their self-development by providing the 'opportunity to advance through [the] management program'.

Jillian Kurvers and Outsource Sydney agree that managers come in all shapes and sizes, with countless qualities attributed to strong leadership; from creativity and commitment to confidence and communication. The capacity to delegate and motivate others is also fundamental to a company's success, however, leadership is about more than briefings and instructions. Instead it aims to bring out the best in others through recognizing their individual worth, and inspiring them to work effectively towards a common goal. As Kurvers argues, 'creative leaders aren't one size fits all,' but they do share a common aim to 'inspire greatness in others'.

Outsource Sydney specializes in creating personalized quality results between their clients and their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. The Outsource Sydney management team has many years of experience in a of range of leading industries, specializing in Telecommunications, Energy, Film, Security, Health & Beauty, Promotional Markets and the Charity Sector.

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