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Plastic Surgeon Uses Innovative Treatments for Natural-looking Results

Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, a plastic surgery specialist in Geneva, Switzerland, uses advanced technical procedures such as cell-enriched fat grafting to enhance each patient's natural beauty.

    GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, February 28, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As advances in cosmetic procedures continue to develop, Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, a plastic surgery specialist in Switzerland, is using these new techniques in ways that enhance the natural beauty of each of his patients.

"We can do so much with the new technologies and new materials that are being used in plastic surgery," Dr. Schlaudraff says, "but it's important that we use restraint and focus on subtle, artistic changes that allow the patient's natural beauty to emerge. A good plastic surgeon should bring out the best in the individual - not turn the individual into someone else."

Dr. Schlaudraff cites modern breast enhancement techniques as an example. He performs breast augmentation in Geneva in a way that prioritizes a woman's goals while keeping the overall proportions and harmony of her body in mind.

"My goal is always to create a natural and youthful-looking breast," he says. "If a woman wants her breasts to be larger than what nature has given her, we can do that, but we don't want them to be so large and so prominent that they appear artificial or out of balance."

One of the ways Dr. Schlaudraff achieves these aesthetically pleasing results is through the use of fat-grafting. This method enlarges a woman's breasts using her own fat, which is removed from other parts of her body using liposuction.

The advanced technique that Dr. Schlaudraff uses is called ultrasound-assisted fat grafting and is often combined with stem cell-enhanced fat grafting. It provides breast or buttocks augmentation that looks and feels natural and prevents any risk of rejection because no foreign substances are put into the patient's body.

"Cell-enriched fat grafting combines the patient's purified fat cells with her own stem cells and adipose-derived regenerative cells," Dr. Schlaudraff says. "This allows the transferred fat not only to stay alive in its new location but to heal quickly and thrive. This is particularly helpful in difficult reconstructive situations like scarred tissues, tuberous breast deformity or breast reconstruction."

The result is extremely natural, with the fat integrating into the new site seamlessly. "After the initial healing period, the transferred fat will begin to function just like any other fatty tissue in the body, varying in volume as the patient gains or loses weight. This way, the patient's breasts will remain proportional even if she undergoes weight change in the future," Dr. Schlaudraff says.

An added benefit of the fat-grafting process is that the fat used to augment the breasts or buttocks can be taken from any part of the body where there are some excess bulges that could benefit from shaping and contouring.

"When I use fat grafting for augmentation, I can remove the fat from an area of the body that may have a little more fullness than the patient desires," Dr. Schlaudraff says. "As a result, the patient gets a smoother waistline or thinner thighs, and that fat goes into her breasts or buttocks (called Brazilian buttock lift)."

A highly respected specialist in Swiss liposuction (lipo Suisse), Dr. Schlaudraff is the first plastic surgeon in Europe to perform High definition VASER Lipo and to combine it with cell-enhanced fat grafting for various body parts. This state-of-the-art system uses ultrasound technology for precision body sculpting that results in smooth, natural-looking contours.

Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Geneva, Switzerland, who specializes in many advanced techniques, including stem-cell-enriched fat grafting and ultrasound-assisted liposuction. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Freiburg in Germany, he trained in Paris and London. He completed a general surgery residency in Basel, Switzerland, and received training in plastic surgery as a resident and registrar at University Hospital of Geneva. In 2008, he opened his Concept Clinic plastic surgery practice in Geneva. Dr. Schlaudraff is on the board of directors of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is section editor of fat grafting coverage for the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is Director of the Medical Advisory Board of the Swiss Stem Cell Bank (SSCB).


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