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Plastic Surgery In Langhorne Helps Patients Achieve The Look They Desire

Dr. Michael Ondik helps patients look ageless with facelifts in the Bucks County area.

Dr. Michael Ondik helps patients look ageless with facelifts in the Bucks County area.

    LANGHORNE, PA, December 24, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In this day and age, we've put a lot of time and effort into our appearance. From dermatological creams toting miraculous results to buying the latest hair products that can combat frizz in seconds. However, as we age, it can become more difficult to maintain those looks. Perhaps when you look in the mirror you are noticing more sagging and wrinkles where once your skin was firm and taut. You don't have to just accept that your face will never look like it use to, because now you don't have to. If you're looking to drastically improve your looks, then visit Dr. Michael Ondik, who offers facelifts in Bucks County.

"I have a lot of patients come through my office that say they need a change because they aren't happy with their appearance anymore," says Dr. Michael Ondik, who performs plastic surgery in Langhorne. "I will sit down and consult with them on the best plan of action that will help them feel confident and young again."

A facelift takes about two to five hours, depending on the severity of the skin's looseness, and if other procedures will be done in combination. The procedure can also be done under different types of anesthesia, from general and twilight to sometimes just having a local anesthesia. First, incisions are made behind the ear to help life the sagging tissues. "The incisions we make are nearly invisible, we hide them in the natural creases around the ear so they are well-hidden. We want the facelift to look as natural as possible," says Dr. Ondik, who is a veteran of performing facelifts in Langhorne.

Once the incisions are made, the deep facial tissues will be gently repositioned to create a younger and more vibrant you. The skin, too, is safely and naturally repositioned to create a more smooth and wrinkle-free face that doesn't look pulled or too tight. "Patients have been extremely pleased with the results of their facelifts," says Dr. Ondik, who provides plastic surgery in Langhorne. "Some people are wary about facelifts because they don't want to look pulled and tugged. But here, we make sure that our patients walk out with a younger appearance that doesn't look unnatural."

After the procedure, there is a recovery period of about 1-2 weeks. "We recommend that patients take it easy after surgery. They can still go about their daily activities, I just caution them to stay away from any heavy lifting or strenuous activity until they have fully recovered," says Dr. Michael Ondik, who offers facelifts in Langhorne. "Facelifts are really a very simple, fast procedure for someone looking to improve their appearance without wasting a lot of time and energy."

To find out if facelifts in Langhorne could take years off your appearance, don't wait any longer. Contact Dr. Michael Ondik, who performs plastic surgery in Langhorne, at (215) 752-4020, or at

About Bucks Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery: Dr. Richard Wortzel, and his wife Dr. Sandra Wortzel founded Bucks Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery in 1991. Located in Bucks County, Langhorne, PA, Bucks Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive aesthetic center for all aspects of facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty. Bucks Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery's plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Ondik, MD, is trained in the surgical and non-surgical management of the aging face and refinement of facial features including rhinoplasty, fat transfer, and facial implants. Additionally, Bucks Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery offers a laser skin care center with a highly trained aesthetician, a team of highly experienced dermatologists, and a skin cancer specialist boarded in Mohs Surgery and reconstructive facial procedures.

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