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Podiatrists Utilize Pinpointe Foot Laser Treatment In Boynton Beach

Podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Associates are happy to help remove pesky toenail fungus. Read the complete story below!

Podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Associates are happy to help remove pesky toenail fungus. Read the complete story below!

    BOYNTON BEACH, FL, January 10, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In Boynton Beach, toenail fungus treatment is making great strides to rid patients of toenail fungus. How is this possible? It's not the work of over-the-counter medicine, but a more innovative and non-invasive technology-foot laser treatment. Specifically, Drs. Richard S. Schorr and David B. Feder, podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Associates, are using the PinPointe Foot Laser to rid toenails of fungus.

"Toenail fungus is frustrating and very persistent. It makes many patients feel self conscious about their feet. Before, there were effective and not-so-effective solutions for toenail fungus. Now, laser therapy and technology has broken through the boundaries of many health fields, including podiatry, which is why we are starting to see the great advantages directly related to laser treatment," says Dr. Schorr.

Have you ever looked at images of toenail fungus? You probably don't want to. Toenail fungus is an unsightly infection in one or more of your toenails. The fungus can cause your nails to look yellow, thick and brittle. It's easy to picture but hard to accept when you suffer with toenail fungus. That's why it is time to make a change and receive the right treatment. With the PinPointe Foot Laser, Drs. Schorr and Feder can clear your toenail fungus and help keep it from returning.

What is the PinPointe Foot Laser?
And why all the buzz and media coverage? It's because the PinPointe Foot Laser is the first FDA cleared laser. It has clinical success, and has the most potential to treat toenail fungus. PinPointe treatment takes only 30 minutes to perform. A laser beam moves over the entire surface of the nail and nail bed, killing all of the fungus. Before laser technology was introduced into to the podiatry field, many people bought over-the-counter topical treatments. Creams and powder aren't going to give you the results you need-they only treat the surface of the nail.

Your podiatrist could also prescribe an oral antifungal medicine, and they work better than over-the-counter fungal creams. But oral antifungal medicine can also cause side effects.

The PinPointe laser is a painless toenail fungus treatment in Boynton Beach that doesn't have any side effects. It kills the specific pathogens, which cause recurring infections, under the nail bed. Over time, your nail will grow back in, and you will notice a significant improvement-over 88 percent of treatments show healthy nail growth.

As long as you take preventative measures, your nail can continue to grow in healthy.

To schedule an appointment for toenail fungus treatment in Boynton Beach, call (561) 734-3100 or submit an appointment request through Foot & Ankle Associates' website at It's time to be one step closer to clear nails and healthy feet.

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