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PowerPoint Security from LockLizard Protects PowerPoint Presentations Against IPR Theft

LockLizard PowerPoint Security provides the ultimate in PowerPoint protection, enabling publishers to protect PowerPoint presentations from copying, modifying, sharing, screen grabbing, printing, saving and unauthorized distribution.

    AYRSHIRE, SCOTLAND, March 22, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- LockLizard are pleased to announce a new approach to PowerPoint security: delivering high level copy protection for PowerPoint presentations enhanced by converting to Flash (SWF) format.

New PowerPoint protection features include encryption and DRM controls that prevent PowerPoint presentations from unauthorized copying, modifying, sharing, screen grabbing, printing, saving and unauthorized distribution, all without the use of passwords. Publishers can also expire and revoke presentations at any time.

"Existing password based protection systems are known to be flawed, and have had their day," says Charles Richmond, Flashguard's product manager. "There are hundreds of password crackers on the Internet (many free of charge) that will break the password protection on many formats, PowerPoint being just one, in seconds. PowerPoint password security only provides a mere fig leaf of protection and should not be used for any commercial purposes.

Also, by converting PowerPoint to Flash you also get the advantages of adding both MP3 audio and MP4 video (PowerPoint only allows you to embed a link to an external MP3/MP4 file), and SWF files (PowerPoint forces you to enable insecure ActiveX), to your PowerPoint presentations all within a single file. Thus you can get much more functionality and security by this approach."

LockLizard Flashguard has significant appeal to training course providers, who can now take realistic steps to protect what is very expensive development work for them before distributing it electronically. So trainers can afford to develop, or transfer many more courses that achieve the potential for user interaction than was possible with the more static approaches in both PowerPoint and PDF presentations. And without giving them away.

Using Flashguard, publishers can now achieve realistic control over who views their secure PowerPoint presentations, how long they can be viewed (for a certain number of days, a number of views, a fixed expiry date, or forever), and if you no longer want the recipient to view your secure presentations then you can instantly revoke access to them. Flashguard protects the underlying source code (scripts, images, multimedia) and the displayed content ensuring complete protection of both form and format.

So for complete PowerPoint presentation security, that is secure yet simple to use, convert your PowerPoint presentations to flash and then protect them with LockLizard Flashguard. PowerPoint protection has never been easier or more secure. To find out how you can protect PowerPoint presentations click on the link to visit the LockLizard web site.

About LockLizard

LockLizard is a DRM vendor that produces document security, flash security, pdf security, ebook security, copy protection, and web content encryption products that use DRM technology to protect information from intellectual property theft. Our DRM software prevents copying, printing, screen grabbing, and sharing of information without the use of insecure passwords. More information on LockLizard DRM software can be found at

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LockLizard Flashguard protects PowerPoint Presentations converted to SWF format

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