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President Obama and His Education Team Must Wake Up to the Fact That We Now Have the Knowledge to Make the Society Wise; The Only Thing Blocking a Wise Society is His Ineffectual Education Leadership

The time has come for President Obama to stop burnishing his own image every day and start taking action on his own emotional baggage and the emotional baggage of America.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, January 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When will our education leadership wake up to all this mess in society being due to our emotional intelligence being unhealthy? When will President Obama finally realize that his biggest responsibility is to introduce the correct emotional intelligence education? His education team is indeed trying to introduce emotional intelligence education; but emotional intelligence education is not about teaching. Emotional intelligence education is about healing. Emotional intelligence ignorance is not about lack of emotional intelligence knowledge; it is about emotional intelligence being unhealthy. No wonder in spite of all efforts to teach emotional intelligence not much changes as the physical brain remains emotionally unhealthy. As you can see in all this great work that President Obama has accomplished there is no real ground breaking education reform: Please google, "Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments By Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper, and Siyu Hu.

It is apparent that President Obama wakes up every day where his top priority it seems is to convince us common Americans how much he loves us and how hard he is working to improve our lives. Every single day he is burnishing his own image. The time has come to show and expose President Obama's ignorance/sin on how much resources, time and brain/mind power he is wasting on improving his own legacy. This takes away huge amount of time and resources from action where it is required.

If only he would use just half the time he devotes to polishing his own legacy to talk about how the traditional American way of upbringing our children needs to be changed. How we are creating a majority of emotionally challenged brains by bring up our children of the false belief that he/she is the best. As a result our America is a trophy self-image driven society that has a rippling effect on all life.

Our first impression of President Obama was that he is wise. It now seems that he just knows the wisdom way. He has a supremely intelligently educated mind and as a result he knows 'the talk' on most topics. So he talks the talk exceptionally well but when he walks the walk he is not so well prepared/grounded. Above all his education team's knowledge on the very nature of emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence education is still way out of date.

President Obama must wake up to the fact that the underlying factor that is running society is our own traditional American emotional baggage - our trophy self-image. All because of the emotional baggage we create in our children. Emotional baggage in America is so prevalent that even President Obama's brain is loaded with emotional baggage. In fact President Obama's own emotional baggage is the reason for his obsession of working everyday on trying to convince America that he is working full time for us; when a huge chunk of his energy, time and resources are being wasted on his own emotional baggage caused obsession.

His White grandmother hated Blacks and she tried to convince President Obama that Blacks could not be trusted and that they were evil. President Obama identified himself as Black and in his unconscious brain he developed feelings that he was black and yet he was better than any and all Whites. His unconscious brain is driven by the desire to prove his superiority over all Whites! In all his policy meetings he tries to chew and digest all the knowledge he gets even from the Noble Prize winners and he then tries to show that he is better than them. He devotes too much time on grasping even the minor issues. Not only are the resources, energy and time wasted his physical brain is overworked and tired. It is not surprising that such a great man with words often needs the teleprompter.

The time has come for President Obama to stop praising himself every day and start taking action on the fundamental problem of his own emotional baggage and the emotional baggage of America. America needs freedom from the emotional baggage and President Obama can take the steps to have it removed from the young and old. And for the sake of America he must take steps to remove his own emotional baggage.

America can yet be transformed into a super healthy society.

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