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Privilege Promotions Review How to Get the Most Out of Freelancing

With freelance working on the rise, Privilege Promotions provide guidance to the country's growing number of freelance workers and suggests ways to boost productivity.

    LEICESTER, ENGLAND, August 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Direct marketing firm, Privilege Promotions has spoken out about the rise of freelance workers and has confirmed that freelancing is not only beneficial to the individual but also to a business. The business has a greater pool of talent to choose from by looking to hire freelancers and not just full time staff. Businesses that only need the services of the freelancer for a short period of time have the flexibility to hire and let go of staff easily with little implication to the business. Small Businesses can benefit greatly as there is no need to hire a full in house team who cost more and need training, freelancers are a cost-effective solution to hiring a team of already expert individuals.

However, Privilege Promotions highlights that there are many misconceptions surrounding freelancing including that freelancers have few future career outlets. Privilege Promotions say that this is not true, unlike the corporate employee, the freelancer is the boss. This gives freelancers the opportunity to become the boss of their own life, potentially starting their own firm which is extremely beneficial for the economy. Another common misconception is that freelancers get to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it. Again, Privilege Promotions say that this is incorrect, yes freelancers can choose when they work but there is still work that needs to be done and these individuals have to be extremely talented at balancing life and home, they still have deadlines to meet.

Privilege Promotions has outlined ways in which freelancers can get the most out of working from home and how to manage their time effectively.

1. Establish clear objectives - Create a to-do list of everything that needs to be done. Make realistic estimations for how long each task will take and break down larger tasks into smaller chunks to monitor progress more effectively. Ensure to keep the to-do list up to date and tick off each completed task.

2. Prioritize - Know where your attention is required most. Assign each task on the to-do list a priority rating of urgent, high, medium or low, adding any deadline dates associated with each task. Review the list every day, updating and re-evaluating as priorities shift.

3. Don't skip breaks; it's counterproductive and effects your performance later in the day. Take at least a 30 minute break, get some air and do something physical to stimulate the body and mind.

Businesses can benefit from allowing employees to work from home as it motivates staff to work more productively. With no commute and reduced colleague interruptions businesses will find that employees achieve everything with time to spare.

Privilege Promotions is an event-based, direct marketing company located in Leicester. The firm offer successful, cost-effective, marketing campaigns that generate quality sales.

Privilege Promotions encourages brand loyalty and improved customer acquisition through face-to-face interaction with consumers.

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Privilege Promotions is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm. The firm connects with its clients and consumers through face-to-face engagement, taking products directly to consumers which creates long-lasting relationships and generates a high ROI for their clients.

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