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"Ethics Play Important Role in Marketing in 2013," Says Strategic Five Marketing

From tax avoidance issues to gambling, Strategic Five Marketing, Birmingham report ethical issues have affected the marketing industry this year and will prompt changes for many UK brands in 2013.

    BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, December 19, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Marketing campaigns have pushed ethical limits to the edge over the last 12 months. Strategic Five Marketing claim UK brands are seeking their personalised direct marketing services to help repair some of the damage to their reputations.

"Traditional forms of marketing push boundaries, many firms feel the pressure to take risks in order to stand out from the crowd as the sheer volume of competition for similar products rise," says Ben Lambert, Strategic Five Marketing.

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Marketing Week report Supermarket Asda was surprised to discover that its "inventive" campaign focusing on mums was the recipient of numerous complaints about sexism. The TV ad, showing a mum carrying out numerous Christmas tasks for her family, prompted more than 180 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority for its apparently "sexist" take on Christmas. Furthermore, toy stores came under scrutiny for Gender-Specific Marketing. While not necessary sexist in itself, some pressure groups argue that focusing on people by gender leads to more inequality between men and women in the longer term, with children particularly being herded into roles defined by their sex, rather than their interests or personality.

Starbucks acknowledged the impact of consumer power in late 2012, when it agreed to pay an extra GBP20m to the treasury in order to quell public distaste for its tax policies, which means the company has paid just GBP8.6m since launching in 1998. To put this in context, its competitor Costa Coffee paid around GBP15m in the last year alone.

Earlier this year, Strategic Five Marketing reported developing relationships with customers often leads to a degree of trust and loyalty to a brand. The firm credit their direct marketing service for the success of their marketing campaigns and have found more businesses looking for 'in-person marketing' in an attempt to avoid the backlash from the many ethical issues in traditional forms of marketing bought up this year. By encouraging a positive customer experience, Strategic Five Marketing has been successfully growing their sales figures. "An articulate and in-depth knowledge of the products we are endorsing has contributed to the confidence our customers have in us as a brand. By considering our target audiences point of view and trying to anticipate the types of questions that will come up allow us to ensure we are confident in every situation that arises," adds Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing.

Strategic Five Marketing outline brand ethics are under close watch by consumers and many of Britain's brands will need to rethink their marketing strategies for 2013.

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