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Ray Charles Easy Shine: Look Your Best Without The Mess

Ray Charles Easy Shine fills an obvious void in the market with innovative and portable new product.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 29, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Shoe shine products have always been popular with business men and anyone well dressed. For Ray Charles Patterson, it was the ultimate shock to discover that the old method of shining shoes -with a can, a rag, and human labor- was still the only option.

"I didn't believe the shoe shiner in Las Vegas when he said it didn't exist!" Ray explains, referring to his suggestion that the sweating shoe shiner get an electric device. This simple exchange started a journey to find a portable, hand-held shoe shine device... only to discover a quality one didn't yet exist.

The only options on the market are still either a can of goop, which is messy and laborious, or a huge device big enough that it must be stored in a home closet. The Ray Charles Easy Shine wants people to "look their best without the mess", and is exactly that: Easy. The small handheld device stands only 3 inches, plugs into a wall or car with a USB port, and comes with different attachable items such as a sponge, brush, and buffer pad. Patented and sleek, the device is an idea so obvious, it's hard to believe it didn't exist until Mr. Patterson re-invented it.

The company selling The Easy Shine, Ray Charles Innovations, creates and markets innovative consumer products to retailers or consumers. Just in time for Christmas Day on December 25, The Ray Charles Easy Shine makes the perfect gift for anyone in every household... without the hard work. To get your Easy Shine, simply go to:

Ray Charles Innovations is an invention and design company dedicated to bringing practical and usable new technologies to market. Its first product is something that almost everyone can use and afford. Whether they are old, young, rich or poor, almost everyone wears shoes and most people want to keep them looking clean and fresh. The problem is that having your shoes shined professionally is expensive and doing it yourself is tedious and requires a lot of work.

Ray Charles Innovations has solved that problem with a hand held, battery operated portable shoe buffer that does all the work for you. It has a natural market, not just among businessmen and women who need to maintain their appearance, but also with sneaker-obsessed teenagers who want to constantly look good, clean, and fresh. The only other hand-held shoe buffer on the market is hand-held powered, so there really is no direct competition for this product.

The management of this company is experienced and well equipped to make it grow and prosper. Both Ray Charles Patterson and Herbert Patterson have successful business and management experience. They have researched the field and the competition and have came up with a solid plan to corner the market for devices like this.

Marketing will be done through all traditional channels, such as radio, TV and print advertising, as well as through the internet and social media outlets like Facebook and twitter, in addition to TV infomercials designed to highlight the simplicity, usability and practicality of the product.

The company has already developed a working prototype and now is seeking one million dollars to begin manufacturing and to cover the first year of operations. The market for this product is enormous and there is no effective competition at this point, so Ray Charles Innovations expects to break even on a month-to-month basis within six months and expects to be profitable within a year.

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