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Rebuilt Engine Specialist APM Engine Parts Explain the Impact of Today's Gasoline on Carbureted Engines

The cylinder head kit dealer, APM Engine Parts, discusses the role modern gasoline is having on engines with carburetors. Hindered throttle response is one of the leading negatives for drivers of these vehicles.

    ATLANTA, GA, May 19, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The cylinder head kit distributor, APM Engine Parts, talks about the effects the current chemical composition of gasoline is having on carburetor-equipped engines. Many older vehicles do not feature the same fuel-injected technology of their modern counterparts.

The major difference between the two delivery systems (both of which gauge the proper fuel and air mixture during the intake stroke) is that carburetors are mechanical devices while fuel injectors are electronically controlled.

When Fuel Changes, Carburetors Suffer

A lot of drivers still prefer the simplicity and greater performance output that these parts offer, that is, of course, until gasoline manufacturers began reformulating their blends to accommodate the needs of current-generation vehicles and promote greater fuel efficiency. The removal of lead and the growing reliance on ethanol-based fuel sources is putting a strain on engines that use carburetors, namely because they were originally designed to be compatible with one type of fuel.

The GM rebuilt engine pros say the top problems drivers have begun to notice are delayed throttle response times, poorer fuel efficiency and hindered performance. Remember, fuel injected engines automatically adjust the optimal fuel-to-air ratio thanks to an on-board computer, something that is nonexistent in antique cars and trucks.

The only way to guarantee fuel compatibility (or at least counter the current damaging side effects) with a carburetor is to manually modify it along with the engine's distributor. This can turn into a troublesome task given the fact that fuel compositions are continually changing.

According to David Debuc, Vice President of APM Engine Parts, "While fuel injectors have plenty of wiggle room with respect to delivery ratios, carburetors are ultimately too simplistic for today's rapidly changing fuel sources."

APM Engine Parts is a national dealer of engine crankshaft kits.

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