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Red Raspberries Pest Solutions' Plant-Based Mice Elimination Method

Today there are two options regarding mice elimination: mechanical or chemical. Both options are loathed by all parties, homeowners, pest control technicians and mice. Here comes Red Raspberries Pest with the 3rd option! A safer, more efficient one.

    CHICAGO, IL, October 20, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mechanical mice elimination is what it sounds: noisy, messy, cold, disgusting. Various traps are used and prayer might be involved as some mice are too smart to get caught. As for those caught...everyone (homeowners, techs, mice) hates that day as some need to discard the losers caught (techs), some might see the casualties (homeowners) and some will curse the trap manufacturer (mice). Besides...traps are like the Army says: "one shot, one kill" so a family of mice will require 6-8 traps if elimination is desired quick. Who wants a basement full of traps?

Chemical treatment is faster and less dramatic but still, homeowners are not in love with it, for good reasons. Bait (Contrac Blox most-likely) could be consumed by a pet, could be touched by a kid, etc. and while the risk is minor (no reports of human deaths due to bait consumptions as of today)...the risk is there. Besides, poison is poison any way it is spelled.

Plant-based treatment we are offering is environmentally-friendly, and everyone loves it: homeowners because they don't have to see any mice, techs because they don't have to deal with poison, and mice because they get to find another property to invade.

The protection, by preventing the invasion rather than wait for it then deal with the consequences, lasts longer than bait/poison method and is more affordable to the homeowners. And mice love it too, don't forget that!


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