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Resolve to Get Organized in 2013 - 10 Tips for Common Trouble Areas from Stacks and Stacks Homewares

Start the New Year off right by getting organized around the home and office. Stacks and Stacks Homewares offers tips for those common problem areas that every home has: cluttered closets, overloaded garages, jam-packed pantries and messy bathrooms.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- January is Get Organized Month. Start the New Year off on right by getting organized around the home and office. Stacks and Stacks Homewares offers tips for those common problem areas that every home has: cluttered closets, overloaded garages, jam-packed pantries and messy bathrooms.

A Closet that Works For You (not against you) - Most people rate the morning rush out the door as one of the most stressful times of their daily lives. Enjoy more coffee time and less hassle with these tips:

1.Get realistic about what to keep and what to donate. If your clothes are falling off the hangers and piled up on the floor, it's time to let go of some pieces. This may be a difficult process mentally, so reassure yourself that you are working towards a closet that is easier to manage and a more peaceful morning routine.

2.Next, make sure you are using every bit of space, especially wasted vertical space - for example, do you have shirts hanging over an open, unused area? This is the perfect place to utilize a shoe rack or even a small dresser - plastic storage drawers work great and are far less expensive.

3.Look to the Walls - a great place to hang tie racks, belt hooks and accessory organizers. Accordion style coat racks offer the most hooks per square foot - mount them on their sides to store purses and scarves.

4.Make the most use of that built-in overhead shelf with simple dividers for holding stacks of sweaters, or bins to hold accessories and shoes.

Cleaning the Garage - No doubt everyone's least favorite organizing job:

5.With all the bad-rap that plastic gets these days, the garage is one place where it still reigns as King in terms of organizing power. Plastic bins are inexpensive, long lasting and keep bugs and moisture at bay to carefully preserve clothing, tools and toys. Stack them against the walls, or use a plastic bin organizer that keeps each bin on its own shelf for easier access.

6.Garage Walls - Remember those peg-boards that your grandpa had in his garage? They still work wonders in keeping the garage neat and tidy, and are sturdier than ever. Mount them anywhere and everywhere that wall space is currently wasted.

7.Overhead Storage - Many people forget that there is an entire ceiling in the garage that can almost double your storage space, ready to hold camping gear, bins of clothes, bikes and more. Today's overhead storage solutions are sturdy and easy to use, look for one with an incorporated hoist for items that you access more often.

Pantry Madness - A few cheap tools in the pantry can transform it in just minutes:

8.The main complaint in the pantry is usually that it is impossible to find anything. Utilize small wire shelves or multi-tiered step-up can organizers to elevate kitchen staples so that you can clearly see to (and reach) the back. And don't forget the walls while you are in there - coat hooks can hold cleaning supplies and aprons, while mesh baskets create a home for dark, cool-storage produce like potatoes and onions.

Bathroom Cleanup

9.Cosmetic organizers should be used on the countertop or in the drawers to keep those beauty supplies under control. Reserve the countertop for items that you use every single day, such as moisturizers and key makeup supplies and use an open top organizer that allows you to pick up and drop items as you use them.

10.Under the bathroom sink is often overlooked as a great storage area in the bathroom. Simple wire shelves or plastic baskets keep items separated and allow for better use of vertical space under there.

Whatever storage headaches are lurking in your home, the right solution always comes down to the right tools and a little planning. For more of these free expert organizing tips, Ask Our Organizer, Harriet Schechter, author of Let Go of Clutter (McGraw-Hill), and you'll receive her response within 24 hours. Stacks and Stacks has been a leader and pioneer in offering products to organize and furnish homes, offices, and gardens since 1984. For over 28 years we have searched for, and then tested products to find the best quality at the best prices.

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