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Richmond Chiropractor Urges Patients To Not Let Back Pain Ruin Their Day

Dr. Scott Shaw, a chiropractor in Richmond, VA, offers tips for back pain prevention for his patients.

Dr. Scott Shaw, a chiropractor in Richmond, VA, offers tips for back pain prevention for his patients.

    RICHMOND, VA, May 15, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Almost everyone will experience some form of back pain in his or her life, as it varies from one person to the next. For this reason, Richmond chiropractor, Dr. Scott Shaw, provides his patients with up-to-date information on back pain prevention. When a person's back hurts, his or her whole day is interrupted as the pain can often be overpowering.

The back is the body's support system, made up of more than 30 bones and hundreds of nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. With all of these moveable parts, the back is more vulnerable to problems. My taking extra precautions, Dr. Shaw ensures his patients can potentially prevent back pain in Richmond. And if a patient is experiencing back pain, there are ways to put an end to that pain with proper diagnosis and treatment planning from Dr. Scott Shaw and his team of chiropractic professionals.

To begin, Dr. Shaw urges his patients to life properly. When it comes to lifting objects, it is important to follow guidelines for proper lifting techniques. While lifting, patients should:

- Plan ahead what you want to do
- Do not be in a hurry
- Separate your feet shoulder-width apart to give yourself a solid base of support
- Bend at the knees
- Tighten your stomach muscles
- Lift with your leg muscles as you stand up
- Do not lift an object alone if it is too heavy

In order to lift an object from the floor, such as a piece of paper, Richmond, VA chiropractor, Dr. Shaw, informs patients to lean over the object, slightly bend one knee and extend the other leg behind him or her. Patients should then hold on to a nearby chair or table for support as they reach down to pick up the light object.

When it comes to lifting a heavy object, there are different techniques a person should use to do so. Whether it is a heavy box or laundry basket full of clothes, remember to get close to the object, bend at the knees, and lift with the leg muscles. Dr. Shaw also reminds his patients not to bend at their waist, as this can provoke back pain in Richmond.

Patients in Richmond with back pain should visit Dr. Scott Shaw for further diagnosis and treatment. Back pain is preventable, which is why Dr. Shaw places a strong emphasis on taking extra precautions to protect a person's back from painful injuries and strains.

About Dr. Scott Shaw: Dr. Scott Shaw graduated from the University of Florida and Life Chiropractic College. He has completed postgraduate studies in the Activator Methods chiropractic technique and continues to pursue continuing education programs. His practice offers services to help deal with headaches, back pain, neck pain and knee pain in Richmond, among others.

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