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Sajid Ali Khan, the President of the 4th R Foundation, Says, "We Need the Mother of All Wars to Lift America to New Dizzying Heights of Prosperity"

So lets declare war against ignorance, which is over two thirds of the world's population. We will hire an army of text book writers, pure happiness seminar developers/leaders, wisdom coaches, self image therapy therapists, marriage therapists etc...
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    NEW YORK, NY, August 17, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Yes you heard it right we have to declare war against every individual who is not his/her true self! In other words we must declare war against all the phony self images of this world. This war we will fight to liberate all the true selves who are trapped in their phony self images.

We are not kidding; this war will create such a huge stimulus package that it will create tens of millions of jobs. It will create pure individuals, it will guarantee not just the pursuit of happiness, it will guarantee pure happiness. It will create the kind of green revolution that comes from wise behavior. And it will lift every corner of the world.

There will be an army of text book writers, pure happiness seminar developers/leaders, wisdom coaches, self image therapy therapists, millions of teachers who are transformers; not just teachers, they will transform emotionally subnormal students and normal students into super normal students, adult brain retoolers, marriage and divorce therapists, Wisdom Theme Park workers, new rides will be developed for these parks, Brain Power Clubs/Shy Power Clubs will be opened on every corner and around the corner in every nook and crannies of the world, Hollywood would make wisdom theme based movies, factories will be set up to manufacture wisdom toys, sitcoms and computer games will be developed, Wisdom Hall of Fame will be set up in every school, village and city, wisdom courts will be established, wisdom agents will be trained to judge emotional disputes, this list will go on and on...

We do not want anything in return only our governments agree to appoint wisdom ministers at the state and union levels.

Recently there was a Hollywood movie where individuals were branded as criminals and were indicted as they just thought of committing a crime. In our view this is too late. Individuals prone to committing crimes should be indicted much before; when they are not even capable of committing a crime. In fact the kind of criminals we are taking about are serial criminals, whose biggest crime is letting ignorance power their brain and who let their phony self image keep their true self in bondage. Please consider the following (forgive me for coping and pasting the following from another one of my brain children - The Wisdom Express):

As there are four levels of the mind there are four levels of human beings and four levels of leaders as follows:

a) Premature mind (-2)...a totally self centered brutal nature. Leaders that are stuck at this level manifest themselves as dictators and tyrants. At this stage of the mind the child considers his own self as all reality. In his mind he alone exists. One's own self is all that counts. Others don't count at all as they don't even exist. Individuals who are stuck at this emotional mind level consider themselves as all important and they build huge monuments (if they can) to themselves and stash away money in illegal accounts neglecting and robbing the common man and the country. To achieve their own goals they abuse their power, commit atrocities and abuse human rights. Many countries in the world are ruled by this -2 mind level leaders.

We must wake up the world to the -2 emotional mind and its consequences. Society pays a huge price for not catching this level criminal minds at this preteen age!

Let's catch these people when they are kinder gardeners so we can nip the criminality in the bud. We have a test to determine this level brains at this tender age.

b) Immature mind (-1)... an opportunistic nature that will break the law if the individual thinks that he can get away with it. At this stage of the mind level the teenager thinks that even though he has no power today his time will come and he deserves the best today. He will try to fulfill his lopsided dreams by hook or by crook. He considers himself as most important and will do everything to make it so if he feels he can get away with committing illegal acts.

Let's catch these people when they are kinder gardeners so we can nip the criminality in the bud. We have a test to determine this level brains at this teen age.

c) Mature mind (+1)... a responsible nature that respects the equality of all. At this stage the adult mind considers himself as
first among equals. He still struggles to make the most for his own self. He works for his own family first and also helps others. Unfortunately this level mind spends more time to harness trophies and starts a cycle of trophy self images in the next generation.

Let's catch these people when they are kinder gardeners so we can nip the criminality in the bud. We have a test to determine this level brains at this age.

d) Super mature mind (+2) altruistic nature. At this mind level the mind develops to the highest level of emotional intelligence which is wisdom. The person considers himself as part of the whole human family. He considers everyone else as #1 irrespective of caste and creed, gender or economic status. Individuals who manifest themselves at this level genuinely work for the whole country and also try their best to help other countries. They treat all alike with the same highest respect. For them all the people at large especially the poor are worthy of more attention and financial assistance so their priorities and policies focus on education, health, infrastructure and economic growth away from defense. Such individuals bring economic prosperity and real change in the lives of all the sections of society. The whole country becomes richer. Such individuals are truly altruistic and humble. All their spending is rational. This is the kind of individuals we need to create en masse.

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The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, consciousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image etc.

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